Everything You Should Know About Air Freight Transport


Airfreight refers to the transport of goods by air. This means of transport allows your goods to be transported quickly anywhere in the world. However, the process is relatively complicated.

Thus, you must ensure that you have each of the documents, in order to avoid any delays which could generate additional costs. It is important to call on a professional forwarding agent in order to be supported in all your steps.

This article, from MyXBorder, explains all the information you need to understand air freight.

Quote request and product order

When transporting goods by air freight, its important to discuss about all the requirements of air freight with your supplier abroad. If you choose this means of transport, you must obtain the agreement of your supplier, air transport being a two-way operation.

But before shipping your goods, different missions must be followed carefully. Here they are below:

•Finding the right supplier: Its necessary to research well about the suppliers in the market who will best suit your request and the values ​​of your company.

•Deciding on incoterms:  Throughout transport operations, these international commercial terms determine the distribution of risks. It is essential to choose the terms you will use correctly, so that they suit your interests, and that they respect the agreements with your supplier.

•Use a freight forwarder:  Your freight forwarder may be able to liaise directly with your supplier

•Provide commercial documents:  Many documents must be provided when transporting your goods, and air freight is no exception to these documents. To save you this sometimes quite complicated task, many freight forwarders take care of your paperwork directly with your supplier. Its also upto them that no additional costs or unexpected delays trouble the transportation in between.

If you’re not sure about this means of transport, then other options are also there:

•The air-sea solution:  This is a mixture of sea freight and air freight.

•Sea freight: Slower than air freight, this type of freight transport is subject to more delays. However, it is less expensive.

Understanding Air Cargo Properties

Now, it is needed that you are completely aware of the process of air freight operation and the impact of this means of transport on your goods  before finalising any agreement 

Thus, you’ll need to do extra careful research on the given topics:

•How volumetric ratios work:  When sending goods by air freight, it is not only the kilograms of your goods that must be paid for but rather the ratio of the kilograms and the space your goods take up on the plane.

Containers to transport your goods via air freight: air freight can be transported in a Unit Load Device (ULD ) using a pallet or in bulk. You’ve to also check whether your product is eligible for air freight or not. Indeed, there are many restrictions based on the width, length, and height of your merchandise.

Regulations in terms of safety:  Your goods must be examined imperatively before being exported.

Air cargo packing

Before packing your goods, you must follow these steps:

Know about all the rules and restrictions: On air travel and discuss with you supplier too. Of course, your goods must be able to enter the plane and be ready to be x-rayed.

Compare and analyze the different services: Multiple options and air routes exist around the world. However, the airline sector has undergone a significant change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Air transport options have become limited, and companies operating in the international market have had to adapt and think of new means of transporting their goods.

•Choose the right route:  Generally speaking, you have multiple airlines to choose from, each offering a different transit time and route. The route chosen must be the best price and the transit time. This corresponds to the model of passenger transport.

Shipping organization

When your goods are packed, your freight forwarder must arrange the shipment. For this step, many documents must be provided. For example, importing products into Australia requires the following documents:

•The commercial invoice:  Certainly the document represents the greatest importance with regard to shipping. It contains the description of the purchased products, name of suppliers and all the terms and conditions.

•The packing list: it mentions each of the details of the goods, in particular the way in which it is packed.

•The manufacturer’s declaration: The manufacturer’s declaration or the import permit depends on the specific needs of the type of goods.

•Other documents specific to your goods:  Depending on the type of your good, you may require special documents. For example, for importing food, you need a import permit for its transport.

After you book the flight, you’ll get the description of carriage contract and service in the airway bill. You can also track the shipping by using freight forwarder.

Arrival of goods to the importing territory

When your goods arrive in the importing territory, they will have to go through multiple stages.

During the journey of your goods, the freight forwarder will begin the customs clearance procedure so that they can arrive on the soil of the country (in our case, on Australian soil) having previously paid the duties and the GST (Goods and Services Tax ).

Once the goods have arrived, they are directly entrusted to a “CTO” ( Cargo Terminal Operator ). The “CTO” ensures the security of the cargo terminal as well as the goods subject to customs control.

Final delivery of goods from airport to their destination

When your goods have been cleared and removed, they can be picked up by a carrier, in order to deliver them to their destination.

To facilitate the handling of your goods, mechanical devices are installed inside the vehicles transporting the goods.

Also be sure to check the opening hours of the delivery points, in order to ensure the delivery of goods on time.

To identify these different key pieces of information, your freight forwarder will work with you.



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