Execute Wavlink Extender Configuration Process Easily

The Wavlink extender is a handy device that attaches to your existing router and boosts its signal and range significantly. You can easily install this device at your house or office as it covers every place. However, this might be tricky for you if you are using the extender for the first time. But, we are here with some straightforward tips to assist you so utilize these carefully. 

Access The Login Page For Wavlink Extender Setup 

As you begin the process, the first step here is to visit the wavlink extender setup page by logging in. In order to do this, use your wavlink extender and any web browser on your device. 

  • To begin with, connect your extender to a power outlet to turn it on. 
  • Place your existing router, extender, and your device in the same place while configuring. 
  • After turning on your extender, connect your mobile or PC to the extender’s WiFi network from the network list. 
  • Try to make a wired connection in case you are using a laptop or PC.
  • Here, use a new ethernet wire and insert the wire ends into the extender, router, or PC ports.
  • Following this, launch any web browser on that network-connected device.
  • Visit the extender’s setup by inserting the extender’s default web address in the search panel.
  • As you reach the next page, insert the login credentials there and click Login. 
  • Thus, the login process will be complete quickly. 

Note: In any case, if you face wifi.wavlink.com not working issue while using the web address. Then, use the wavlink extender setup IP address. Here the wavlink extender IP address is

Perform The Wavlink Extender Setup Process

You can follow the WPS or web-based setup methods to enhance the performance of your wavlink router setup. Look over these procedures separately. 

WiFi-Protected Setup Method

For this method, you can use the WPS button of your extender and router. Verify that the extender and router’s WPS are working or not. Then, begin the process further. 

  • Once your extender is ready to configure after plugging it in, check the extender LED.
  • The extender and your router must shows the ideal LED notifications. 
  • Later, find the WPS button on the extender and press it for a few seconds. 
  • Within the next two minutes, push the router’s WPS button.
  • After some time, the LED will start changing color indicating that the process is in progress.
  • Finally, the LEDs on both devices will become stable and the connection will successful.
  • Hence, you will be able to use your extender effectively. 

Web-Based Setup Method

As you complete the login process, the web browser will redirect you to the setup page immediately. Insert the basic required information in the field and start the Setup Process. After that, set a strong password for your network to make it secure. 

Also, you can make changes in settings on that page for the extender’s better outcomes. Note down that password somewhere for later use and click on the Save option to apply the changes. If you don’t do, then the extender will not implement those modifications. 

Some Consideration Points To Avoid The Errors

After setting up your extender, it is necessary to check its working to get a strong uninterrupted signal every time. To do this, follow these simple steps.

  • Verify the extender and router’s working and connection frequently.
  • Keep your existing internet plan active every time. 
  • Update your device’s version and the web browser on time. 
  • Turn off your extender sometimes to get the overheating cooldown.
  • Moreover, the extender placement should be ideal or halfway between your router and the connected device. 
  • Try to change the extender location but with keeping this within the range limit. 
  • Keep the metal or other appliances away from the extender to prevent signal interruptions. 

Thus, bear in mind to use these suggestions to keep the extender connection strong and secure. 

Troubleshooting Ways For Wavlink Extender Setup

No doubt, you will get errors in the extender working occasionally that can’t be resistible. However, you can eliminate them rapidly with the help of these troubleshooting tips. Use these tips after analyzing the source of error. 

Unplug Your Extender And Connect It Again

If you get the errors continuously, then choose this option to get them fixed. Discard the connection between your extender, router, and devices. Thereafter, turn off the extender and your router too. Leave them for a couple of minutes. Afterward, plug in the extender and router closely and take your device. Connect it to the wireless network from the network list. 

Update Firmware Of Extender

To begin with, check the firmware version of the extender that you are using currently. If it is outdated, then download the latest version file from the official website accordingly. Further, go to the Upgrade Firmware option and upload the file there. Click on the Firmware Update option and leave the PC on. When the browser will completes the updation, reboot your extender and test its performance.

Reset The Extender

The last method to solve the wifi.wavlink.com not working error is to reset the extender. But keep in mind that you have to configure it again as the reset process will delete its factory settings. Use the reset button for this and press it for a while. The blinking LED will show that the extender is resetting. 

Thereafter, install your extender again by using anyone from the WPS, web-based, or manual method. Prefer to make a wired connection this time and ensure to follow the consideration points while configuring it. Use an well-working or new ethernet cable that must not have any wear or tear signs.


We hope that these informative points will help you to set up and use your wavlink extender hassle-free. Clearly, it will allow you to get the highest internet speed at every place and every time. In case, you get any problem while configuring or using it, reach us freely!


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