Exploring Writing Style: How To Develop Effective Writing Skills

Exploring Writing Style: How To Develop Effective Writing Skills

Writing is an art to express yourself in written form. It is an ideal way to effectively share thoughts. You should need a proper understanding of the English language such as grammar and vocabulary to communicate your ideas. Therefore, it is very essential to develop effective writing skills which not only help you grow academically but professionally as well.  

Most children struggle to write appropriately, the outcomes of which can be poor academic results. That’s why good practice and knowledge of the language are very important for strong writing skills. Here, through this article, we are guiding you with the best tips. Keep reading it to learn in detail. 

Top Tips To Develop Effective Writing Skills

#1. Read More

To develop effective writing skills, the first step the children should take is reading books every day. It can be their subject books or any favorite book or magazine. Adopting it as a routine task can help to get familiar with new words and their use in forming meaningful sentences. Thus, the positive outcome will be good vocabulary skills. 

In addition, parents should also read books to their kids to guide them correctly. There will be a benefit if they will start instilling the reading habit at a very young age. As children grow, they learn to develop effective writing skills more strongly. 

In addition, reading a book daily can enable the kids to learn and understand every grammar rule. Like how to use verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and where to add commas, exclamation marks, question marks, and quotation marks. Besides this, they will understand the correct sentence structures correctly. 

#2. Go For Diary Or Journal Writing

Another way children can develop effective writing skills is by opting for diary or journal writing. Diary writing can be related to how the entire day went at school, what activities they perform at school, and much more. To write any topic interestingly, writing techniques matter the most.

It will be best to write information in your diary using the descriptive writing technique. Through this writing style, children can describe every event in a clear and readable way. On the other hand, journaling can also help to improve writing skills. It is an entertaining practice of writing in which kids can stick the images of a person, animal, place, or thing, on the scrapbook. Afterward, they can give a whole narrative about any of them.

Both diary and journal writing help make the children put their creative thoughts into words. 

#3. Take Online Help

Different kids have individual personalities. Some grab the information quickly while some struggle oftentimes. A large number of students in a classroom can be the reason as most children distract easily or feel shy asking any question. The lack of time can not enable the teachers to pay attention individually. Hence, the poor outcomes can be bad academic grades. 

Let’s take an example, a child faces difficulty in writing an impressive composition. Parents being busy in work life can help their kids with additional guidance apart from school learning. The availability of the creative writing class online has eases the writing skills problems. Professionals focus on the weak points and work on them effectively. Such as wrong use of vocabulary, verb, and tense, or incorrect sentence structures. 

By improving all these mistakes, children can develop effective writing skills and be able to write good compositions.

#4. Connect Interest

One who writes what they like the most develops effective writing skills easily and quickly. So, children should pen down what they have an interest in. For instance, the favorite book series or any special character.  

If children are more fascinated by the planets and stars, let them create a story about a galaxy. Moreover, if they enjoy watching cricket, allow them to write about their favorite cricketer. Asking the kids to connect with their interests will encourage them to be creative in conveying their ideas in their writing. 

On the other hand, sometimes, children do not have many ideas or thoughts to put down on paper. The reason could be that there is no interesting topic to write about. So, parents can help their kids by discussing impressive stories, family history, current affairs, or anything they are inspired by. 

All these topics can provide much information to put into creative words.

#5. Make It Fun

Besides the intense study, sometimes fun should also be added to make the learning interesting. Go for the crossword puzzles, story prompts, word games, pass the story, or many more fun games. 

Crossword puzzles are a creative practice to develop effective writing skills entertainingly. These games include the white squares that should be filled with the words which are the correct answer. Repeating such fun games once or twice a week can allow the children to learn many new terms each day. 

For young kids, “word games” will be a better option. To play this game, children have to pick one word, and using every letter of that particular word, they have to write other new words. This is an ideal way to discover several terms, helpful for developing effective writing skills. 

On the other hand, a story prompt is also an entertaining game. Take help from your parents to provide the story prompts. In this game, children will be given five words and asked to write a story using all those words. 

Furthermore, even “pass the story” is a useful game to develop effective writing skills in kids. Again, the parent’s role is very important in this game. They have to write a sentence and pass it to their kid to add more sentences to it. The process is repeated again and again until it creates a short story. 

Through these games, children will be able to put their thoughts into more words and sentences.

#6. Create A Comfortable Workspace

A clean and comfortable workspace is very essential for the kids as it encourages them to write with great enthusiasm. So, every parent should make sure all the essential writing materials are available at the study table. Such as a well-designed chair and table, a fancy and good-quality textbook, pen, or pencil. 

Do not forget to add colorful pencils as many kids enjoy writing using different colors of pen. These fancy materials can excite them to write creatively. Besides this, keep in mind that younger children distract easily. Therefore, ensure that the environment of their study room is peaceful. Remove all the playing tools from the space so that they can focus on their learning. 

Moreover, keep the windows and door of the study room close to prevent the outside noise that can affect the concentration of the child. 

#7. Be Brief

Take this into consideration never use complex words in your writing. Just be brief in your explanation. Do not add unnecessary terms to the topic. It can confuse the reader about what is written which can lead to an uninteresting story or essay. 

Besides this, make sure to include short sentences in your writing as it improves readability. Use accurate words and their synonyms to express the right meaning of the sentence. 

Summing Up

Undoubtedly, writing is a challenging task but kids can master it by improving it. Regular reading, diary or journal writing, and creative online classes can enable you to build a strong vocabulary. In addition, playing gun games and creating a comfortable study space can also help the children to interestingly and creatively convey their ideas and thoughts.


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