What Factors to help make the right choice of Abu Dhabi school for your child

As a parent, you may be wondering about the right school for your child. And your dilemma is not unfounded. After all, school selection will go a long way in shaping the kid’s academic phase of life.

It will also have a major say in what vocation he or she chooses and how well he or she responds to being a global citizen of the world. Plus, there are various dynamics like Abu Dhabi Indian School fees, curriculum, and location to consider.

Here are a few things to consider when you are looking for Abu Dhabi Indian Schools and their fees structure 

1 – Location of the Abu Dhabi Indian School

Many parents prefer sending their child to a school that is nearby to their home or office. It is easy to understand the reason behind this rationale. Parents would need not spend a lot of time if they need to visit schools for parent-teacher meetings or to pay the fees. The student, too, would need not spend a lot of time commuting back and forth. 

The proximity of the school to the house leaves the child with more time which can be spent on better tasks than being stuck in the traffic on a school bus.  

2 – School performance

A good benchmark would be to scrutinize the school’s past performance. If state toppers regularly feature in the school’s hall of fame, then it is likely to have a robust education architecture. It will mean that the teachers are well-versed in imparting education that can be beneficial to your child.

Hence, such a choice is likely to be a good option to seek admission for your child.  Many schools like GIIS list their achievements on their website. Such schools have a consistent track record of producing toppers and have a high pass percentage. 

This aspect makes it easy for the parents to compare performances across schools and go ahead with the one that they feel is good for the kid. 

3 – Know the correct Abu Dhabi Indian School fees

In Abu Dhabi, there are many schools that offer a diverse fee structure. This helps parents to narrow down the choices available based on the fees aligning with their budget. 

But a word of caution, though. You need to understand the schooling cost will consist of elements more than merely tuition fees. Don’t think the cost of a child’s education will be restricted to tuition fees. 

Your child’s Abu Dhabi Indian School fees will cover different aspects like transportation, library charges, field visits, lab fees, and other fees towards various extracurricular activities. This way, you get a holistic perspective when you assess the Abu Dhabi Indian School fees against your budget.

4 – All-round development endeavors

A school should not focus merely on imparting high-pressure education. The school should take the initiative to enable the holistic development of the child in other areas. For this, the school may undertake various extracurricular and co-curricular activities. 

Examples include cultural activities, sports, arts, dance, and music. Other schools allow student clubs across a special area of interest. 

Plus, students may have to go for volunteering work or field trips. Doing so will help them to understand real-world implications of the subjects they learn in school. 

They subjected the student to many facets of life skills like teamwork, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.  This makes a student completely ready to take on the curve balls life throws at the student when he or she grows up.

5 – Take a tour of the Abu Dhabi Indian School

Nothing depicts the state of affairs of a school than a physical tour. Many schools welcome parents to take a tour of the school before they enroll the child in the school. 

The parents can take a walk around to see how well-maintained the classrooms are. They can check the open spaces like corridors, restrooms, playgrounds and the level of hygiene, sanitation, and cleanliness maintained at these spaces.

By assessing a school for these factors, the parents can see first-hand the learning environment their children will be spending time in. They understand the student and teachers’ vibes and get to know if they really see their child in the school or not.

 As parents, we all want our children to succeed in life, and such due diligence will go a long way in securing a great academic life for the kid.

To conclude

Academics play a vital role in shaping the child’s perspective towards culture, career, challenges, and communication. When you pick the most suitable Abu Dhabi Indian school for the kid, you open the pathway for the child to achieve more in life and pursue academics successfully. These factors will help you pick the right school out of the plethora of options available.


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