Famous Whistleblowers In Business Who Shock The Whole World

Famous Whistleblowers In Business Who Shock The Whole World

Do you want to know who the famous whistleblowers in business are who shock the world? If yes is the answer from your end, you must read this complete article to get insight into it.   

Some activities shock the world easily. It can downgrade the man’s reputation, or he can get trapped in awkward situations if the whistle is blown in the wrong place and ambiance. 

Some famous whistle-blower cases can shock you very much if you are not ready. Unfortunately, all these incidents are true and happen in reality. You can go through it once to have clarity in your thought process. 

Famous Whistle Blower In Business Who Shock The Whole World 

Several famous whistle-blowers in Business have shocked the entire world. You need to go through the facts to cross-check the reality on your end. You must not make your choice in the wrong direction.    

1. Cisco


It was a very interesting case where the Cisco partner and employee noticed a security flaw in the cameras. To alert the authorities about this glitch, an employee, James Glenn, has taken the help of Whistleblowing.    

Two years later, these case was closed in 2019. The case was finally settled with $8.6 million. It is one of the most clinching cases of Cisco, which shook the entire world. Yet, until 2012, they fixed the software with ease. 

2. Merrill Lynch

Merrill Lynch-

$83 million was awarded to the Merrill Lynch case in 2018. SEC awarded the payment came after the whistleblowers came after the brokerage. The victims were misusing the customer funds. To alert the authorities, whistleblowers have taken this step. They have paid the brokerage and illegally misused the customers’ funds. 

Merrill Lynch has to pay $415 million for wrongdoing and for making the final settlement of the case. Therefore, you need to make your choices on the right end to meet your objectives. 

He is one of the most famous whistleblowers in the business world. You need to make your choices on the right end to meet your knowledge goals about these cases. It is one of the most shocking cases which has created long-term impacts in the business world. 

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3. Universal Health Service Inc 

Universal Health Service

The famous claims protect whistleblowers by covering all the facts of fraud towards the government of that country. Since 1987 they have recovered more than $35 billion. Universal Health Services have settled 18 different false claim cases. 

Finally, these claims totalled $122 million in settlement claims. It was one of the worst-case scenarios the whistle-blowers faced at their end. You must make your choices correctly to meet your objectives within a specific period.    

For over a decade, UHS have submitted false claims, including billing of the services that the UHS do not administer. You need to know and understand these things on your end if you want to get things done in the correct order. Share your views and ideas to meet your objectives properly. 

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4. Community Regional Medical Center

Community Regional Medical Center-

The Community regional medical centre was another eminent case of a whistleblower. You need to see the reality before coming to conclusions. James Robilliard was found to be a whistle-blower and fired. It is one of the most extravagant whistle-blower cases recorded in the corporate arena. 

The community regional medical centre had to pay a $4.5 million settlement. The moment he accessed the patient’s records, he had accessed the false medical malpractice records. The arbitrator proved that the process of termination of Robilliard was unlawful, and there are no legal justifications behind it.    

This case was not as simple as it seems to be. Rather it has raised a question mark in to medical authorities and the hospital industry of this country. You cannot deny the truth in the act of saving an organization. 

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5. JP Morgan Chase & Co,

JP morgan chase & Co.

The third largest whistleblower case recorded so far is the JP Morgan case, awarded in SEC history in 2019. It involves JP Morgan Chase and Co. 

In 2015, two unknown whittle blowers contacted SEC after noticing that the bank failed to disclose the conflicts of interest.JP Morgan had told the clients that it likes to invest the money in its mutual funds.

JPMorgan has to pay a $307milion settlement. The SEC granted the whistleblower $37 million. It is the third-largest award given to a single tipster. After that, they were awarded $13 million. 

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6. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo-

Most of the whistleblower cases come under the SEC. For example, in 2017, OSHA directed Wells Fargo to pay $5.4 million to an employee of their organisation whom they fired in 2010. It was one of the largest whistleblower awards that come under OSHA be awarded to an individual. 

Anonymous employees have reported various instances of wire and mail fraud by two of the bankers. You must go through these facts to know the reality of these cases of Whistleblowing. 

Shortly after that, Wells Fargo dismissed the employee even though he possessed a positive review in the workplace. Nothing was clear about the reason for the termination of the job of this employee. Some have explained that the reasons were due to unauthorized accounts and the presence of credit cards for customers. 

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7. BNSF Railway

bnsf railway

In 2011, the BNSF employee reported several safety violations to the federal rail board administration. As a result, this case was alleged against him due to several safety violations. It signal-blocking malfunctions and vegetation. 

BNSF has to pay Elliot $1.25million. It was upheld by the court in 2018. Elliot has counter-attacked the authorities. You must take care of this fact while you are judging the whistleblower cases.    

You must make your choices in the appropriate end to reach your goals properly. Ensure that the chances of error in deciding the case are as low as possible. After this case, the country’s whistle-blowing issues have risen a lot. 

FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions)?

1. What Is Whistleblowing?

Ans – Whistle-blowing or the whistle-blower is a worker who reports wrongdoing. You need to take care of the facts to meet your goals effectively. Ensure that the chances of errors are as less as possible. The wrongdoing which you disclose must be done in the public interest. 

2. What Will You Do If  Treated Unfairly After Whistleblowing?

Ans – You can take the case to the employment authority or tribunal if you are treated unfairly as you have blown the whistle. You must not make your selection on the wrong end. You must consider these facts while reaching your goals. You must raise the claims as well as unfair dismissal under 3 months. 

3. Who Is Protected Under Law?

Ans – There are certain categories of persons who are protected under the law. Some of them are as follows:- 

  • Employee. 
  • Agency worker. 
  • Trainee. 
  • Member of a limited liability partnership. 

Final Thoughts 

Hence, these world personalities are some of the eminent whistle-blowers in the business world, which surprised the world. Therefore, you need to know the truth before commenting on these personalities. 

You can share your comments in our comment box. It will help us to know your take on this matter. Then, you can try out these facts at your end while reaching your business goals at the correct time. 

Build up the best ideas which famous whistleblowers have done in the past and created history in the business world. Less hard work and more fun can also make history though it is on the negative side.


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