Five Tips for Better Custom Prints on T-Shirts

Five Tips for Better Custom Prints on T-Shirts

Color and print designers make the brand image strong in our minds. My favorite t-shirt is my declaration of affection, but it’s also free advertising for brands.

Do you have a brilliant concept for a t-shirt that will make people feel the same way? Maybe you’re planning a family reunion or bachelor party. Is it disappointing to hear that you made a t-shirt that can’t be printed on shirts after spending a lot of time and energy on it? This led us to develop a list of five simple suggestions for improving artwork preparation for t-shirt printing.

Think of a Concept:

It is exciting to have a custom t-shirt printed, but do you know the most critical aspect of making a good custom print? The print design is the most crucial component of t-shirt printing; attractive, isn’t it? To produce an excellent design, you don’t need to be an expert in fashion if you aren’t an expert in custom printing. All you need is a little creativity, some ideas, and a working knowledge of design software.

Before ordering custom printing, you must choose what you want to print on the t-shirt. Secondly, the design is determined by the purpose for which you want to make a T-shirt. For instance, you might create t-shirts for staff uniforms. In addition, you might want to include a t-shirt from your organization in the giveaways at an event, right? Or it might have another objective. The goal is to define the objective of t-shirt orientation; doing so will enable you to create the printed shirts you desire.

Give your brand’s image a unique twist by printing it on a t-shirt. Or maybe there’s a meme you want to recreate on a t-shirt because it’s becoming trendy.

It will take some time for a new artist in the t-shirt printing industry to establish their brand and aesthetic. Don’t lose patience; take your time and experiment with the software. Don’t confine yourself either; most artists’ works cover a wide range of ideas and themes.

Draw Artwork in Actual Size:

Choosing the correct print size for t-shirts is our second vital suggestion here. Size and placement are crucial to the success of your t-shirt design. There are many factors to take into account when developing your artwork at its actual size. Sizes from extra small to extra-large are available. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the print size for each shirt size. Be specific because not all print sizes will fit on all shirts.

Consider the scenario of an event you are planning where you need shirts for 100 participants. Do you now believe that the shirt sizes of all 100 individuals are the same? Of course not; therefore, compile a list of everyone with their accurate shirt size before you go to the printing shirt. The artwork should next be created on a plain t-shirt in its final size and presented to the printing service providers. The ideal way to draw a design is to align the ruler with the desired garment. It seems simple, and it actually works great for you.

Choose the Right Colors:

It is possible to find dozens of colors on the market, but the prices vary by color. It is essential that you know your financial situation and how much money you can afford to spend on printing your t-shirts. You are free to choose whichever many shades you wish. However, adding more shades will raise the cost of each t-shirt. Therefore, picking two to three colors complementing your t-shirt design is best. Nevertheless, screen printing services can assist you to strike a balance between your spending and the quality of your design.

The use of numerous color combinations in a design should always be avoided, according to Corel, as this can cause unfriendly colors to clash.

Select colors that will print well on all t-shirt backgrounds, especially more prevalent hues like black, white, and charcoal. Perhaps you have a specific brand color in mind for printing your t-shirts. Again, you check a design’s brightness and clarity in this scenario.

Utilize the Professional Printing Tools:

It’s fun to picture coming up with the ideal printing shirt design, and it’s also simple to accomplish the objectives. First, you must confirm that service providers utilize the appropriate design software to receive the desired results. The best graphic design services can effortlessly complete all tasks without disturbance at the final minute. A competent service provider won’t fail you in any of these, from importing images to changing the background or adding text size to different effects.

Maintain a Competitive Edge:

While it’s acceptable to be inspired by current trends, you should avoid following them entirely if you want to stay on trend. When you create printed T-shirts that fascinate and thrill people, people must be given something new. For this, you need to be aware of the preferences and fundamental beliefs of the people who will wear your printed t-shirts. Ask yourself,

Do you want to convey trust, beauty, protection, entertainment, or other attributes?

After finding the answers to these inquiries, you may start working on designing something exclusively for your client.

To make your design stand out and be distinctive, do some homework to see what other brands with comparable target demographics are doing, but remember not to imitate any of them. Keep up with the latest trends in fashion and other areas of pop culture, but make an effort to carve out your own path.

T-shirt printing is a growing art form that businesses are taking advantage of and incorporating into their marketing campaigns. I hope you will find this blog helpful in creating great t-shirt designs. Best wishes!


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