Why are forex candlestick patterns? Why does it play a paramount role in forex? In this article, you will learn about all the information for forex candlestick patterns.  Candlestick charts are a technical tool that combines data from multiple timeframes into a separate price bar. With a chart, you can see how a particular investment has performed in the past and what is happening right now. Candlesticks create patterns that predict price direction once they’re closed.

The candlestick chart has many features that can make it easier to understand price movements to guide traders to make faster and more profitable trading decisions. Candlestick charts are considered to be one of the oldest chart types in the world. The price of stocks and other financial investments is resolved by looking at what will happen in the future.

Forex chart patterns

The price movement structures that prefer to repeat themselves during multiple periods and time frames are known as Forex chart patterns or Forex candlestick forms). They react to a specific condition that produces a similar result. Traders in this line follow those patterns to know the trading moment. Forex chart patterns are based on the technical study, and they are based on specific pair behaviors. They help traders to identify the current market trend and how to enter and exit the trade.

How to Read This pattern? 

It is quite similar  to recognizing a family. It’s easy to miss if you have a lot of families scattered around a lot of strangers. However, if the entire family is introduced and organized on a family basis, it is fairly easy to find them, even if they are redistributed into the crowd.

Like a family, candlesticks can be grouped and taught to family groups. They can be direct family members or cousins. Like other families, some of my cousins   may be a little weird, but from a point of view, they’re still together and easier to remember if you can join them.


Types of forex chart patterns

There are a lot of patterns that might be found within a single price chart. It can even grow daily when new features, financial instruments, and pair behaviors are generated. In other words, chart patterns change over time when the market changes.

However, there are three common types of forex chart patterns that traders pay the most attention to.

  1. Continuation chart pattern: show that the price will most likely continue to move in the same direction,
  2. Neutral chart patterns: the price is expected to remain in a range.
  3. Reversal chart patterns: show that the price is likely to shift the direction.

Pros and Cons of forex chart patterns


  • Reading the forex chart patterns is easy to learn and understand.
  • The chart patterns provide suggestions of what will happen to a forex pair soon.
  • Chart patterns provide full trading plans that include the profit goals, opening price, and stop losses.
  • The chart should still function properly when you can add other studies for confirmation.


  • Not all chart patterns are valid in more than two-time frames.
  • Chart patterns can generate false signals.
  • Chart patterns take time to form.
  • Subjectivity can be important in pattern matching.


Should you use forex chart patterns in your trading? It depends on what is more convenient for you and what suits your trading profile best. The good thing with chart patterns is that many different formations serve different needs and trading styles. Before trading with real money, test those price structures in a forex demo account so that you can identify opportunities and problems with those price structures.

Forex trading patterns are different in different pairs and timeframes, so this needs further study. Remember that every market is dissimilar and that there is no one size fits all market. Many expert traders will only trade chart patterns on higher time frames.


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