Futuristic Technology that Hotels Can Use Today!

Futuristic Technology that Hotels Can Use Today!

The hotel industry is changing at a rapid pace. More hotels than ever have an online presence these days. Whether it is through their website or through online travel agencies, hotels have increased their digital footprint to cater to the guests that are booking their stay online.

That said, the hotel industry will have to evolve even more in order to keep up with the demands and requirements of the guests in the coming future. Whether it is by adding new technology to their hotel property or by using hotel software to manage different areas of their hotel property, hotels need to be on the cutting edge of technological innovations.

The trends in the travel industry change at a rapid pace. Hoteliers not only need to keep an eye on the trends in the hospitality industry, but also listen to guests and the travel experts about the up and coming changes in the industry. All said and done, the hotels that will make most profits are those that give customers exactly what they want.

So how does a hotel move with the times and keep the property an attractive choice for guests among the competition in the market? The answer is simple.

Using a cloud-based hotel management software is the key to maintaining a property that moves with the times and ensures that customers get their money’s worth and an experience to remember.

Modern property software has come a long way compared to the on-premise software that were used in hotels earlier. These days, is cloud connected and gives the property managers the ability to control the operations of the property from a remote location. As the software is cloud powered, managers can also keep an eye on multiple properties without visiting each property in person. The cloud also offers excellent data security and backups.

Cloud-based Hotel Management Software is the Future
When we talk about the future, hotels need to ensure that the technology they are using stands the test of time. In such cases, on-premise software and hardware fails in many ways as upgrading such software is expensive and hotels cannot spend too much of their budget on updating the hardware to work with the latest software.

This area is where cloud hotel software shines over any other method of property management. As the software is cloud based, it is easy to update as long as the hotel computers are connected to the internet. This is highly beneficial in case of critical security updates that are designed to combat emerging cybersecurity threats.

Cloud-based Hotel Management Software Allows Adding Latest Technology in Your Hotel
Whether your guests are looking for keyless check-in, touchscreen controls in the room or room temperature that adjusts to the presence of guests, you can do all this by using the tools provided by hotel software. The cloud technology that powers the hotel software is easy to customize as per your needs and requirements. If you plan to upgrade your hotel with the times, then you need a cloud solution as the backend for your hotel software.

Two Ways In Which Hotels Can Bring New Technology in Their Hotels Today!

Presence of VR (Virtual Reality) in Hotels
Virtual reality is an excellent tool for marketing hotel’s features and facilities provided by the property. Guests can tour the hotel virtually and get an idea of what they will get when they reach the hotel. Travelers are looking for as much information as they can find when they book a hotel for their stay. Through virtual reality, hotels can give the guests a perfect look into the hotel and convert potential guests into paying customers.

Today’s guest wants to know everything about a property before they put their money down. Guests also want to “try before they buy” and with virtual reality, they can do exactly that. With the upcoming Metaverse technology, hotels have another opportunity to claim their space in the virtual world and give their guests a one of a kind virtual experience of exploring the hotel.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Hotels
The use of AI has seen an uptick in hotels in recent times. As guests move towards locations that offer them a contact-free experience, using AI for chat bots or as a replacement for the front desk staff is the ideal way to go for many hotels. Further on, using AI and chatbots can free up the hotel staff to attend to other areas that need their attention. Staff can take care of the critical needs of guests while the chatbots answer any regular queries put forward by the guests.

Hotels can also use AI on their website to give their guests a wholesome interactive experience and answer the questions of the guests about the property. AI can help the guests through the steps of looking for the ideal rooms as well as making the payments and confirming their booking. With cloud hotel software, it is easy to manage the AI profiles and also ensure that the answers offered by the AI are relevant and up to date.

Summing Up
Using modern technology in the hotel industry has become the key factor for attracting guests. These days, guests also expect hotels to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure every property is equipped with the latest technological features.

At mycloud Hospitality, property managers can get access to a complete software suite that gives hotels the competitive edge they need in the business environment of today. The software is used by properties all over the world and it can also be customized to suit the needs of hotels of all sizes. Whether it is a multi-property chain hotel or a small B&B, the software offerings of mycloud Hospitality are well-suited for every type of hotel.

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