Gojek Clone New Version Features Makes A Perfect Business Solution

On-Demand economy has rapidly established its position by offering people quick services whenever they demand.

We know this newest trend as “On-Demand”. Like the term says, it serves the customers using advanced mobile app technologies. And one of the finest examples we can take here is “Gojek Application”.

Rise Of On-Demand App

On-Demand Apps like Gojek serve you quickly anywhere, anytime. For instance think of this situation, it’s 6 pm and you are getting an invitation from your friends’ birthday party at 8.30 pm. You are yet to leave the office and have chores to handle back home. Well, in such situations, On-Demand Readymade Gojek like App works faster than you think.

Few taps and you can arrange an On-Demand Beautician or Salon services. Also, you can connect with the house cleaning/maid services in your area. That’s how this awesome Super App works.

A Growing Business Trend That Delivers Personalized Services

If you are living in a metropolitan city, it’s an everyday hustle to get through the traffic, household chores, and more. Going out to shopping has become too tiring and complicated after a busy day at work.

In such similar situations, having an app like Gojek can be a blessing.

  • The app comprises of 70+ On-Demand Services that takes care of your entire 
  • From getting you the taxi at your doorstep to connecting you with babysitters to household chores to anything that you can think of in your daily essentials is taken care of by Gojek Clone App
  • The app makes it easy and quick to access on-demand services
  • The app connects service providers and users on a single platform

Businesses are investing in Multiservices App offering essential day to day that are easily available to them at their convenience and schedule them as well. 

Latest Features Responsible For The Rise Of On-Demand Business

The New Gojek Clone App has introduced the latest features this year 2021. This includes:

Taxi Booking iWatch App

Taxi Booking iWatch App makes taxi booking quick and easier for your Apple Users.

It has the same working mechanism like that of the Uber like App. To stand ahead in the business race, it is the perfect time to invest. 

Restricting driver’s fraud

The feature prevents the driver from marking “arrived” unless they have reached the destination for the pickup. This feature offers complete transparency to the user, ensuring fair practices. 

Re-assign delivery driver for the pending orders

The admin has the privilege to re-assign the orders that are pending to deliver because of the following circumstances: 

  1. When there are no delivery drivers available in the nearby proximity
  2. The delivery driver has rejected the request
  3. The delivery driver has sent confirmation but cancelled afterwards

Restaurant menu multiple options/toppings

The feature allows the restaurant owners to earn more by offering multiple options and toppings for the food items. Their customers when places the order with try different toppings/options and it ultimately raises the bill value.

One store under several categories

The store owners request the admin to list their stores under the respective categories when they are offering more tha one services.

Free delivery promo code

The Admin can set the promo code for “Free Delivery” for the specific stores or all stores the Promo Code for Specific Stores or all Stores. The customers will see the code and will entice to avail it immediately.

Advanced ratings for food items and delivery drivers

The feature allows the users to provide ratings and feedback that helps in improving the food items and delivery services.

Location wise push-notifications

The push-notification alerts and notifications can be adjusted location-wise thus targeting the users. 

Location wise banners

The admin can create the banner home page targeting to the specific users of that particular locations. 

Cookie consent

The feature alerts the users about the Cookies being used. However the cookies are complied as per the EU cookie directive and GDPR.

Advanced detailed service search

This feature doesn’t allow the users to scroll long. Only typing the keywords, it makes it easy to locate. 

SKU Code for items for stores/restaurants

The feature help the stores/restaurants to quickly recognize the items when the order is received. 

Using Firebase for mobile verification

The Firebase from Google allows free mobile verification authentication up to specific numbers. It is cheaper compared to 3rd party SMS services. 

In Conclusion

Now that you are aware of the significant features of Gojek Clone App, get in touch with the Best Gojek Clone App Development Company in India. They have an expert team and have been praised for offering scalable app solutions at economical prices.

To Build an app like Gojek is itself a big decision. If you are looking to stay in the competition, launch your New Featured Gojek Clone App that gives guaranteed results. 


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