Guide To Graffiti, Street & Mural Art For Beginners

Guide To Graffiti, Street & Mural Art For Beginners

Have you ever seen different types of artwork on the walls while walking down the lanes of Melbourne? Definitely, YES! Well, you have come across multiple graffiti, street, and mural arts.

When you closely observe all these kinds of art forms, they are not just simple artwork, actually there are many hidden meanings behind them. The motive of such painting can be to represent the city or what really is happening around in society. 

Usually, every type of art design in Melbourne‘s streets is all about the passion of artists and common people. This artwork conveys loud and clear messages to thousands of viewers. Do you want to know about each art form in detail? Here, this guide is for you!

Introduction To Graffiti Art 

The term “Graffiti” means “scratch on the wall surface”. Typically graffiti art is painting or sketching done on the bare or dull walls of buildings, highways, or streets. This artistic form of art is designed by Brisbane’s graffiti artists in a creative manner. 

Artists use spray paints or colors for sketching different types of graffiti design, adding character and liveness to those specific areas. As a result, the art positively transforms the unpainted and bare walls around the cities into something engaging. 

The significance of graffiti art is that they support protecting the damaged places of the city. Adding pieces of artwork puts life in bare places. Consequently, it freshens up the location and makes people living there happy.  

Different Types Of Graffiti Art

Tags: This graffiti style generally reveals the fictitious name of the artists in the form of a signature. Experts go with one spray paint for tagging. 

Stencils: One of the creative graffiti styles that make use of stencil patterns for achieving beautiful pieces of artwork. The easiest art form to bring on as artists only have to place the stencil designs on the wall surface and systematically trace it down.

Coloring each design with preferred spray paints or colors highlights the stencil artwork. 

Throw-Ups: When compared to “Tags”, “Throw-Ups” are much classier. Using the two types of colors or spray paints, artists sketch graffiti designs. Typically, patterns are painted in large fonts.

Blockbuster: One of the ideal graffiti styles for sketching large walls such as highways’ sidewalls or businesses’ billboards. This artwork shows a lettering form of patterns using many colors. 

Introduction To Street Art

Well, when we define “Street art”, it is generally the simplest form of art done on street walls. Typically, it is an outrage of artists in the form of art. 

Through art, Brisbane’s street artists put the light on social and political matters. As a result, the messages reach thousands of people in society. The painting is done using spray paints. 

Different Types Of Street Art

3D Art: While wandering around the street, have you ever come across some tempting artworks? Do you feel they are chasing you up or will jump on you? Certainly, you have hit upon massive 3D art. 

Typically, street artists perform 3d art painting from the viewpoint of a specific angle. When people see the design from that respective angle, it seems like 3-dimensional artwork. Indeed, it is a mind-blowing piece of craftwork.

Typically, 3D art is of two types-traditional and contemporary:

For traditional sculptures, artists use wood, clay, marble, and metals. While for the contemporary ones, artists utilize glass pieces, textile fabric, plastic, etc. Moreover, the technique of sculpture making includes three steps: modeling, engraving, and joining. 

A variety of colors is used to create outstanding and unique pieces of sculptures. Generally, this art style represents historical and religious sentiments. 

Stickers And Posters Street Art: Instead of moving outside and sketching the designs, stickers and posters are best to apply to the walls of the buildings. It engages the instant attraction of viewers and hence, creates a buzz. 

Since these two styles of street art easily circulate and can be applied to any space, they are most useful to deliver instant information. Such as advertisements, job vacancies, etc. Not only does both the artwork delights the place but also works profit for various important purposes. Thus, they are considered the most appealing as well as informative art. 

Yarn Bombing: Yarn bombing is an amazing style of street art and requires no chalk marks or spray paints. Artists simply place a yarn or knit on clearly open and visible things such as poles and trees. The purpose of this artwork is just beautification instead of expressing something. Besides this, the intention of this art is not to hurt any sentiments. 

Introduction To Mural Art

The term mural is derived from the Latin word called “murus”, which means “walls”. Hence, a mural is a unique form of art that is directly painted on bare walls or any surfaces. 

Typically, the purpose of the wall mural art is to beautify private as well as public places. Moreover, over time, it has become a medium to reach social or political matters to thousands of people. 

Different Types Of Murals

Painted Murals: They are very common. Artists make use of acrylic paints to create mural designs on the walls. In addition, they also express their ideas which portray impactful messages to the people. Thus, these paintings are a high level of inspiration. 

Abstract Murals: Artists sketch the mural designs either on huge canvas or divide them into different areas. In public places, this artwork conveys positive messages to people through abstract figures and shapes. 

On the other hand, for private places like homes or businesses, abstract murals build a modern or contemporary feel. 

Ceramic Murals: These are custom-made mural designs that comprise mosaic, artistic, and mirror pieces. This kind of mural art highlights the high-class creativity of the artists. 

Let’s take an example of fired wall mural paintings, where artists collect the clay and then heat them. These murals can hold against water, cold, and heat, so best to have them on a crossing or climbing dividers. 

Summing Up

We hope you get a detailed introduction to graffiti, murals, and street art. These types of artwork provide multiple benefits to society as well as the number of people living there. Not only do they beautify the places, but also spread positive messages all around the cities. 

Whenever you need to add any art styles in your city, do hire talented artists to get the artwork done creatively.  


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