Honeywell smart thermostats: Installation

Honeywell smart thermostats: Installation

Thermostats are devices that allow you to control your HVAC systems to keep your home on a desired temperature level. What then, are smart thermostats? These are devices that allow you to control your home temperture remotely without having you to go to the thermostat yourself every single time. In addtion to that they also do have a list of additional features including the ability to learn certain patterns in the timings of your desired temperatures at different times of the day. They also have screens that allow you to acces information and make changes on the device itself. 

Honeywell thermostats are one of the highest selling smart thermostats in the market and they do very well have the reason to be so. Honeywell thermostats possess a sleek rectangle design with an LED screen that allows you to make changes to the temperature and access a variety of information by the touch of your finger. You can also usethe thermostat through your smartphone. It can also be used through the various smart AI assistants such as Apples siri, the google assistant and amazons alexa. Also install mytotalconnectcomfort

Installation of the honeywell smart thermostat.

To install the thermostat in your house, follow the steps given below.

  • Remove your old thermostat and detach the wires. 
  • Open the back cover of your honeywell thermostat and attach the wires according to the color code.
  • After you are done with that, start the thermostat by  pressing the power button. 
  • After that continue through the setup shown on the LED screen of the smart thermostat. 
  • You can download the mobile app or type setup.myqdevice in the browser for honeywell smart thermostats if you wish to control it remotely. 
  • You can also connect amazons alexa and other assistants if you wish to control the thermostat by the use of voice commands. 
  • Detailed explaination of the setup as well as usage of the smart features will be available in the user manual and the quick start guide that is included in the package. 

Resetting the honeywell thermostat. 

If you wanted to reset the settings of your thermostat as well as the patterns that it had learnt after prolonged period of use, you can do it by the manual reset button provided on the thermostat. You can also do that using the mobile phone application that is used to control the thermostat.

Remotely controlling the smart thermostat from honeywell.

If you are able to connect the honeywell smart thermostat to a home automation hub then you would be able to use the thermostat via wifi while being in any part of the world. As long as you are connected to the internet the hub will be able to pick up your commands and then control the thermostat and your home temperature for you. 

Multiple users for honeywell smart thermostat. 

The honeywell smart thermostats controls can be authorized to multiple people by the original holder of the account. Apart from that, the user can also remove or restrict any guest at any time from changing the thermostats settings. Therefore, event though authorized to, the guests cannot make changes unless the owner is in agreement with the change.

Updating the thermostat firmware.

The thermostats firmware is routinely updated and released online. Since your smart thermostat is connected to a wifi, you can go to the settings and find the update firmware option. From here you can check for updates and if available, the process to download and install the updates is just a click away. Quite a convenient way to handle that for sure. 

Honeywell thermostat review

When it comes to thermostats and smart thermostats, there are two big names that come in mind and those are the Google nest and the honeywell home thermostat. The honeywell thermostats are always a step ahead due to their shear ease of usage and installation as well as thet aesthetic design. They havent compromised on features as well as there is no feature that the google nest possesses and the honeywell smart thermostat doesn’t. The warranty periods are also amazing and the total satisfaction of having bought an amazing product, comes packaged within the thermostat box. A totally worthwhile product that you really need to try out if youre trying to get rid of your old manual thermostat.

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