How a Real Time Crime Center Can Benefit You

How a Real Time Crime Center Can Benefit You

Real-time crime centers (RTCC) began in 2005 when the first one opened in New York. The goal was to improve efficiency in dealing with crimes by identifying and stopping them before they happened or advanced to extreme levels. The technology used allows effective monitoring of an area by giving real-time video and sound coverage to capture events as they happen.


Benefits of Real-Time Crime Centers

There are several real time crime center benefits that you can reap from these intelligence hubs. Whether you have a business, are part of a first-responders team, or are a law enforcement officer, the technology involved here is very beneficial. Currently, most people using real-time crime centers are in the police departments and general law enforcement. This article discusses how you can benefit from having such a center.


Situation Awareness

Real-time crime centers usually have a continuous flow of information that enables them to make updated decisions concerning the area they operate in. They use security cameras, radio frequencies, and emergency calls to receive and analyze data. Such data is essential in keeping you aware of any alerts and dangerous activities within your vicinity to help you take the necessary actions.


They can also facilitate stopping crime before it happens therefore helping you remain safe. If you live in a dangerous neighborhood, you will be able to know about threatening situations and also give information that may help curb crime in your area.


Building Safety

Remaining connected to an RTCC helps keep your office, property, and people safe. The facility uses information from CCTV cameras to monitor the area, and they will keep you informed of any eventualities. This way, you will know of any potential danger, and if any crime happens in the building, you will receive all the necessary information to investigate the issue.


Such precious information also lets you know when to increase security and remain alert due to threats of a security breach. You will keep your building’s residents safe and protect your property.


Improve Crime Stopping

If you work in the police department, your work can become significantly easier with RTCCs. Since these agencies receive and analyze data on potential criminal activities, you can arrest and stop such plans before they materialize. Access to such vital information can also assist you in arresting notorious culprits who always seem to escape by catching them red-handed.


The information from the RTCC can work as a trail of evidence that you can follow until you find your criminal. Such efficient police work will significantly reduce the crime rates and ensure that justice gets served to the residents of the area you work.


Another perk of using a centralized RTCC is reducing your response time to reported criminal activities. In policing, every second counts since many things can change within a minute. Therefore, the sooner you arrive at a crime scene, the faster you can act on the available information. Getting information about the places you need to go as early as possible may improve your chances of catching the perpetrators.


Improve the Working Together of Investigators and Analysts

When it comes to solving crime, the investigators need to work for hand in hand with the experts analyzing the case from all departments. A functional RTCC will help you coordinate the information from different quarters and help you to solve the case much faster.


For example, you can combine the details you get from the fire department, the medical team, and the investigators on the ground to come up with enough evidence to build a solid case. You can also quickly get information from other areas to help you solve an incidence or know the operation pattern of a suspect.



In today’s digital era, an RTCC is essential in reducing the crime rate in towns and cities. The use of this advanced technology will ensure that cases get solved more quickly, and you protect the lives of more people in your vicinity. With video wall systems and modern programming solutions, you can always be a step ahead of criminals and arrive at crime scenes in time. Invest in a real-time crime center and enjoy quality security solutions.



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