How Custom Packaging Can Impress Product Buyers

How Custom Packaging Can Impress Product Buyers

How Custom Packaging Can Impress Product Buyers

We all know that first impressions matter a lot. A recent study found that looking at a person’s face for 1 second is enough to form an impression.

In addition to being quick to make impressions on people, first impressions are tough to change. Once someone has formed an opinion about your company or thought negatively about your image because of how it is perceived from the outside, it can be challenging to change their perception.

Let’s consider the scenario where you are in a line of people competing to get that person’s attention. Of course, you would prefer to stand out from the crowd, dress your best and do everything you can to show off your skills.

This leads to the packaging discussion!

If your product is lucky enough to find a place in the aisles of a supermarket or appear in an internet search, the same situation will happen. However, you will try to convince consumers to buy your product instead of the competitors in front of you.

Custom packaging can be the tool to market your business to create the most memorable impression possible. Not just initially but every time a consumer is exposed to your company’s products or services.

Definition of Custom Packaging

As the name suggests, custom packaging means creating the packaging around your product by hand instead of choosing a pre-designed box for which your product may not be suitable. This requires creating a new box that presents the products in a way that makes your brand stand out.

Traditionally, the packaging did what it said on the box, wrapping the products securely. But as the business has grown, changed, and developed, the advantages of custom packaging have proven to be financially profitable for many companies.

Custom packaging allows your company to tell its unique story. Many companies can communicate their stories effectively using custom packaging through eye-catching colors and bold designs, copywriting that makes people laugh, or even by telling exciting stories and starting a conversation with their customers.

What Does the Study Show?

55% of consumers believe the brand’s packaging will make them more likely to recommend it to friends.

86% of respondents indicated that they would upload a top-quality packaging image online if they liked its design.

58% of consumers said they are likely to repeat purchases from a brand that delivers their orders in premium packaging.

If you are an e-commerce business, your packaging may be the first physical interaction your customer experiences. It’s your first impression, and getting it right is essential. If your customers receive a plain brown box, this could trigger doubts and suspicions about your brand. The more recognizable the packaging, the more likely new customers will be able to remember them and return to buy from you.

Custom packaging can tell your entire brand story and increase your brand awareness and image. Materials, texture, design, and size must sync with your branding to make the most of your packaging style. This is why working with an expert packaging company is essential to ensure your packaging matches your branding image.


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