How Do I Change My USB Printer to Wireless?

One of the most popular questions from people who use network printers with printers that connect to the Internet is, “How do I change my USB printer to my wireless network”. When the time comes to replace or upgrade a printer, you will find that it is often possible to convert a wired printer into a wireless one. Here’s how.

There are multiple reasons why you may wish to convert your printer from its wired configuration to wireless. Many printers offer the option of both networks: Wireless and wired. Wireless printers connect directly to your computer via USB ports without the need for additional hardware such as hubs. Many also offer the ability to work in a wireless network-only mode which enables them to connect wirelessly to a printer within range of the network and still function normally.

One of the primary reasons that you might want to convert your printer from wired to wireless is convenience. With a wired printer you may be limited to the distance between your computer and the printer; meaning that you either need a wireless router or modem in order to extend the distance that your files can be accessed or you will need an external power supply or wall outlet in order to charge your printer. 

Wireless printers don’t require these additional pieces of equipment. Simply plugging them in a USB port on your computer and using the included Wireless Internet drivers will enable it to connect to the Internet wirelessly. This is convenient if you frequently do a lot of printing from your computer and only need to get the job done from a distance.

Wireless printers also operate much more quickly when compared with their wired counterparts. When you connect them wirelessly they are able to detect network signals at a greater distance. Because of this, they are ideal for providing fast printing. Even if you only use your computer to print standard documents a wireless printer will provide you with more paper, and more efficient use of your resources. Because they operate faster, you’ll be able to work more efficiently and finish projects faster.

How do I connect my USB printer to my wireless network?

It’s relatively easy to convert your printer from wired to wireless. The printer driver that came with your computer should be able to do this. If it doesn’t have the correct driver you can download one from the Internet and install it onto your computer.

  1. When you connect a wireless printer to your computer, you need to configure it to use a wireless network. 

2. To do this simply go to Control Panel > Networking > Add Wireless adapters and select the Wireless option. 

3. You will be prompted to enter a password.

4. You can also choose a password to set the security on your network. 

5. Once you’ve done that click the OK button to save your changes. 

6. You will then be able to access your printer from any computer with a wired connection.

How do I turn my USB printer into a Bluetooth printer?

If you’re going to use Bluetooth devices or any Bluetooth peripheral device in your computer, you must configure it to use a networking service. To do this open the Control Panel and select Networking and Security > Connection and Accessibilities. Click the appropriate link to set up your printer. Once you have done this, restart your computer and visit the printer align website to pair it with your network.

Can You Convert USB to Bluetooth?

You can also use wireless printers with Bluetooth peripheral devices. These are devices that don’t have their own connection to the computer but instead connect to your computer via Bluetooth. These printers work with the Bluetooth adapter and don’t need to be turned on to use them. If you’re using one of these older printers, you may find that you need to restart your computer after you’ve turned it on so that it can recognize the printer.

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