How Recover Permanently Deleted Excel File New Methods?

How Recover Permanently Deleted Excel File New Methods?

Excel is a Famous spreadsheet application distributed by Microsoft. Its awesome features make it very well liked among the users. Apart from all of the benefits of using MS Excel, mainly users want to know about methods to recover permanently deleted excel sheets and Strikethrough Google Docs. Therefore, this guide will give you the answer to your queries. How can you recover permanently deleted Excel files?. 

Here, In this article, we are going to tell you the manual methods to recover deleted excel files, and as well as there will be an automated solution for missing excel file recovery in no time. Let’s start with the manual methods. After that, We also discuss a professional solution for the recovery of permanently deleted excel files. 

Manual Methods to Recover Deleted Excel Files

Normally, you have to find many ways of using excel sheets for recovery on the web. One of the very common is “Restore file from Recycle Bin” which is a well-known method by all Windows users so we are not going to tell you about it. Here we are going to talk about retrieving deleted excel files that are not presented in the recycle bin. To do so there is a methods which are listed are as:

Restore the Previous Version 

This will withdraw the folder to a previous version.

You can achieve this with two methods. Both the methods required an enabled Windows     Backup function. You may be unaware of this but, this may be a default option in your system. So Many Windows versions have the default choice option.

  1. Firstly, Go to the original folder of the Excel file. This is the folder of your file being present before deletion.
  2. Press Right-click on the folder to open ‘Restore Previous Versions’. You will face multiple versions saved by Windows.
  3. Then, Select the latest version of the file.
  4. The final step is to select the Restore option.
  5. The indirect methods imply using the “System Restore” function. This method is a part of the Windows function. To perform this, follow the procedure mentioned below.

Go to your Control Panel

  1. Navigate to the “System and Security” tab.
  2. If you are not able to find this tab, navigate to the “System” tab.
  3. Then a tray is located on the left side, click on the “System Protection” option.
  4. A Pop-Up window would show. Then Go to the System Protection tab and Press on the System Restore button.
  5. Click ‘Next’ and Select a restore point that would bring back the file.
  6. But, please make sure that you don’t select an older restore point. Because these actions may also make a few changes to your system files.

This shows that the direct method is a good way to recover the file. You should always use the indirect method when you have tried the direct method and failed.

You can use Professional Tool to Recover Deleted Excel File

Manually recovery doesn’t work every time. At that time you don’t lose your hope. Here we are going to offer you the alternate method which is helpful for the Deleted File Recovery Tool. So You can recover the deleted XLS file using this tool. It overcomes all the limitations of the manual procedure and the best method to recover permanently deleted files.


This is all about the recovery of permanently deleted excel files. If you are finding the methods to recover permanently deleted excel files?. In this article, all the information is given about it. If you’ll find any difficulty while in the steps then feel free to contact us. Thanks for reading this article. Take Care.


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