How Service Providers Are Paid Using The Gojek Clone App?

The Gojek Clone app is a very popular on demand digital bazaar in the form of an app that allows users to hire any kind of services using a single platform with the help of downloading and logging in to the app just once. It is the perfect system of bringing together service providers and users to ensure that they can sell and buy services at a price point that either parties are comfortable with and to make an informed decision regarding who to hire.

The app has an automated payment system that makes it very easy for both the service providers as well as the app owners to enjoy earning from the app seamlessly. Many entrepreneurs who are interested in the Gojek Clone app have always come up with the questions regarding the pay out system of the application.

This is why; out team has put together a simple explanation of exactly how the whole system within the Gojek Clone app works. Before we get into that, let us try to understand the flow of the Gojek Clone briefly.

The Flow of the Gojek Clone app

  1. The User and service provider downloads the Gojek Clone app and registers in to it using their social media handles or their mail IDs. Alternatively they can also fill out a simple registration form
  2. The user can then go into the app and then select the service that they wish to hire. They will see a list of all the service providers that offer the selected services within the area that the job is requested.
  3. The service provider gets the request and then reaches the location to deliver the services.
  4. Once the service is delivered, the app automatically generates an invoice for the services rendered.

What happens next!

It is fun to leave out paragraphs in cliff hangers! So what happens after the invoice is generated? Here is where the payment system starts. There are two options using which the service provider can be paid.

  1. The customer can either choose to pay the service provider directly using cash once the service are delivered.
  2. Alternatively, the service provider can also use the in app wallet to make the automated payment using credit card.

So, how does the App Owner Earn?

The app owner earns a commission each time the app is used to hire a service provider regardless of what service it is. So, whatever the service provider charges, the app owner gets a commission from it.

Let us try to understand it better with the help of an example. So, let us say, that the user hires an electrician who charges $ 40 USD for the task requested. The app owner charges a 20% commission for the job and therefore should get $ 8 USD. Instead of charging the user for the service that is being charged.  The app owner charges the service provider a fee for using his digital platform.

Now, in case the user chooses to pay the service provider using the in app wallet, then the app automatically transfers the money to the admin.  When the user pays using cash the entire money is directly (obviously) given to the service provider.

At the end of a fixed tenure, for example, say, a week or a month, the app owner adjust the amount of commission against all the jobs done and then pays out the remaining balance to the service provider.

Do all Gojek Clone apps have the same system?

There are many Gojek Clone apps available in the market.  It is important for you to choose the one that suits your requirements best. This is why; you have to make sure that you check the pay out system properly before you purchase the app.

If there is any confusion regarding how this system works or how you can make sure that you can use the app in the best possible way.  You must ensure that you speak to the development team first to try out the demo of the app.

Once you have downloaded and tested the demo app over Android and iOS apps.  You can then ensure that you have the right app for your business. While some details might seem trivial in the beginning.  It is important to realise that all these factors are actual practical components of your business and will affect it in a huge way.


The Gojek Clone app is one of the best apps for business in today’s times. This is why; when you purchase the app you must make sure that you understand how the service providers are paid using the application. Make sure that you only purchase the best Gojek Clone app with all the right practical business features in the application after testing it thoroughly over Android and iOS devices.

Make sure that you only purchase your own On Demand Gojek Clone app from a reputed white label on demand mobile app development company so that your app is built only by experts who have years of experience in building and launching such on demand apps on the Google Play Store and the iOS app store.


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