How to Choose the Right Water Pipe Shop Near Me

There are a lot of ways to smoke weed out there and one of those ways is to use a water pipe. This is one of the more popular ways to smoke your marijuana, as they are readily available at most head shops and are easy to use and easy to clean. Water pipes have many different names and slang terms for them, so if a water pipe doesn’t sound familiar then it’s more than likely true that you’ve used a water pipe but called it something else.

Bongs, bubblers, or even billies are other terms that people may use to describe or reference a water pipe. More commonly, people just call them bongs. The whole premise of a bong or a water pipe is that they are used with water. The reason for the use of water is actually simple, yet quite effective when you’re actually smoking the weed from the pipe.

When thinking about the types of pieces you use to smoke, consider this. Do they make smoking easier? Are they insanely tough to clean thoroughly? Do you get the most out of your weed when you smoke with them? Is it easy to smoke with your friends with your current smoking device? If all of these answers are more negative rather than positive, then it may be time to think about switching to a water pipe or a bong.

When thinking about making a switch, it doesn’t have to be this long drawn out process. With enough prior knowledge under your belt, you can make an informed purchase and start getting the most out of your smoking sessions with a water pipe or a bong.

First and foremost, know your budget. There is no need to empty your wallet for a water pipe that is much to big or too fancy for your needs. A simple glass water pipe always does the trick. Make the glass piece work for you and your situation. If you have to keep your smoking discreet, opt for a smaller pipe. If you live with your friends and you’re able to let the piece sit out, then maybe you want a bigger one. The size will also effect the price.

You can get a little fancy when it comes to the water pipes. Bongs, while they can come in all different shapes and sizes, can also come in many different colors and shapes, so have fun and choose the one you think you would like the best or the one that matches your home the best. If it’s able to sit out on the table or counter, double it as a home decor piece.

When searching at your local head shop for a new one, you might come across water pipes made out of different materials. It’s mostly suggested that you find one that is made of glass, as it’s the easiest to clean and the safest material to smoke out of. Keeping a clean water pipe is the key to a successful smoke session, while also making sure you’re not inhaling anything gross residue, resins, or ash that you shouldn’t.

So, now that you might be convinced of the wonders of a water pipe, you’re going to need to seek out the best place to buy one. Sure, you can go to your head shop on the corner, but it might not be the best place to give business. Find a head shop with reputable items and employees. You can find that all with The Hip Cat Smoke Shop. Search, “water pipe shop near me” into your browser if you live in the South Florida area.

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