How to Decide What Formula is Best For Your Newborn

How to Decide What Formula is Best For Your Newborn

Newborns need a lot of routines to regulate their delicate systems, but many parents struggle when deciding if it’s time for formula or breastfeeding. If you’re worried about pumping too many times in a day, or if you’ve been putting off this decision for too long, don’t worry: there are formulas designed just for babies from 0-12 months old. Below is how to choose the best formula for a newborn baby.

Start With A Standard Commercial Baby Formula

Don’t risk losing a valuable milk supply or risking your baby’s health by trying homemade formulas from a website, over-the-counter products, or a formula from someone you know. The formula needs to be thick enough to provide the right amount of calories and nutrients to establish breastfeeding strength in your infant. 

Don’t opt for a premature infant formula that’s lower in fat, and such formulas are important for babies with birth weights under 5 lbs as they’re more at risk for problems such as jaundice and dehydration.

Consider Cost

You’ll need to consider the cost of formula versus breastfeeding when deciding on the best formula for your newborn. The formula price depends on how much is necessary to provide all the nutrients your infant needs, but you don’t want to end up dropping money on a formula you’ve ruined by over-processing. 

If you’re planning to use a formula for more than 1 feed, most formulas will last about two weeks of continuous feedings. Some brands are better, but some are worse regarding consistency and taste. You can also purchase formula bottle stores, so you don’t have to carry at least 1 pack of formula in your diaper bag.

Choose Convenience

Some formulas have benefits if you’re away from your infant for more than a day. Some formulas are designed to be used with a cooler for extended periods or are designed for use with an extra nipple. 

This way you don’t have to worry about adhering to the standard guidelines regarding how much your baby drinks every hour. If you’re worried about spoiled milk, think again because some of the richest foods can spoil quickly when they’re in their most liquid form (milk).

Get Support In Your Decision-Making Process

Talk to your pediatrician about the best formula for a newborn. Most mothers discover their baby isn’t allergic to either breastmilk or formula, but their body rejects one or the other. 

To prevent any damage to you and your baby, talk to a lactation consultant who knows how to help you establish breastfeeding before switching.

If you have doubts about breastfeeding, seek help from an expert in infant development, rather than getting advice from family members who aren’t particularly well-versed in breastfeeding.


Many formulas are available in a powdered version, which is convenient for traveling when you need to go out and about. These formulas can also be used with water to ease transport and avoid the hazard of making a mess.

The best formula for newborns depends on your infant’s health, feedings, and personal preferences. Some babies can switch on demand from breastmilk to formula as early as six months old. 

However, you should wait until your baby wants to start feeding on its own. If you’re concerned that your baby is not getting enough nutrients from breast milk, talk to your pediatrician about the best formula for a newborn.

Listen to Science, Not Marketing

Many times, new mothers are tempted to begin using formula for their infant even before the birth of their baby. Whether or not to use a formula can be very emotional in some cases. 

However, it’s important to consider that the marketing campaigns from many formula companies are designed to convince you that it’s best for your baby. European organic formula has been on the market for a while and comes in handy for parents.

What You Need To Know About Brands and Formulas

There are a variety of formulas on the market today; choosing one can be difficult. The first step in your decision-making process is to understand what formulas are available and what their overall nutritional value is. 

Commercial formulas have been thoroughly screened by food and drug safety regulatory agencies. Manufacturers work hard to produce a product that meets the highest quality standards for infant formula and only uses ingredients considered safe for human consumption.

Wrapping Up

Conclusively, you should use the best formula for newborns in the long term. Starting a baby off with the best possible diet from birth will help them establish strong, healthy eating habits for their lifetime. The first six months should be a learning period so that you can start your baby off with good eating habits for their lifelong nutrition needs.


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