How To Delete Apps On MacBook Pro

How To Delete Apps On MacBook Pro

Are you not able to find space in your MacBook Pro? It is very common to face this problem even though we get so much more storage space on it than its older counterparts. The most important problem is that we keep filling up the space with unwanted things. Now, to clear the storage in your disk on Mac, you must remove the unwanted stuff. The first thing is to delete the items which are taking up the most storage space. Here we are talking about the unnecessary storage space captured by the applications on Mac. Here and then you keep downloading applications on your Mac for several functions. First, to remove the applications we will use an inbuilt method and later take use from a third party application. So, let’s learn how to delete apps on MacBook Pro.

Why is it important to delete apps on MacBook Pro ?

By deleting or removing the items on the storage of MacBook Pro you will get an organized space. Moreover, the storage space can be used for other important downloads. This way you can also see the difference in the speed and performance. As more space is free on the hard drive for Mac to function properly. The actions performed on the machine are far clear and the response rate also improves. Therefore, it is highly advised to remove the unwanted applications from the MacBook Pro. You can start by cleaning your old and unused applications and move to removing the Trash, Temporary files, cache and log files generated by system and user.

How To Delete Apps On MacBook Pro

1. Using Manual method – 

To delete apps on MacBook Pro, you can apply the manual steps which are inbuilt methods for your device. Removing apps from the inbuilt method is very simple but it does take more steps than the automatic method. If you wish to skip this hassle, move to the next section to read the automatic method which has fewer steps than this manual method.

You can follow these steps to perform the uninstallation of an application on your MacBook Pro.

Step a. Open Launchpad by typing the same in the search bar.

Step b. Find the application which you wish to delete and click on the application.

Step c. Now as you have selected that application, hold the mouse as you have selected it. This will make an ‘X’ sign appear over it.

Step d. Once you see the ‘X’ sign, click on it.

Step e. A pop-up message will appear on the screen to ask you the following – Are you sure you want to delete the application ‘Application name’. You need to confirm by clicking on the Delete button here.

Application name

Step f. Now you need to head to the Trash to remove the application from it. As when you use this method to remove an unwanted application, it moves to the Trash bin on Mac.

Step g. Click on the Trash icon and then open it.

Step h. Two options appear as you go to Trash, Empty one item from the Trash or Empty all of the Trash.

If you select the Empty one item from the Trash you need to select your item by selecting it and pressing CTRL at the same time. Later clicking on the Delete button will remove it permanently.

Or if you select Empty all of the Trash, then you need to click on the empty button.

Another option to select the Automatically empty the Trash is available in the Finder Preferences which will clean it every 30 days.

2. Using Third-party application – 

Using a third party application is one of the easiest solutions for your task to delete apps from MacBook Pro. Advanced Uninstall Manager is one of the best applications to use for this process.

As the name suggests it is meant to be uninstalling the unwanted applications from Mac. The manager deems the action of managing the items on your MacBook Pro’s storage disk. This comes with some of the advanced features which are – Removing applications along with all of its associated files to remove all the traces of the unwanted applications.

Another important feature is the Favorite Apps which helps you to keep the important applications in a list which can not be deleted by the Advanced Uninstall Manager. Another of the features is to keep the history of the deleted applications.

Step a. Download and install the application from the Mac App Store.

Step b. Run the application. The home screen is about the Uninstallation and click on the Start Scan.

MacBook Pro. 

Step c. The scan result will show up for all the applications for your MacBook Pro.


Step d. Select the application and the side screen will open up the Application and its supporting files.

Step e. When you are done, click on the Delete button.

Step f. A confirmation message will appear and then you need to give the confirmation.

Conclusion –

This is how to delete apps on MacBook Pro using two different methods. The first method uses the Mac in-built method to remove the unwanted applications. The second method is quite easy and also helps you to delete the apps on the MacBook Pro fastly. Moreover, the Advanced Uninstall Manager also keeps you from deleting the important applications with the Favourite apps feature. It is hoped that this method will help you understand the process of deleting applications from the MacBook Pro.

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