How to Design a Luxury Bathroom in Calgary

At the end of your stay at a spa, resort, or luxury hotel, you wish you could have the same ultra-luxurious bathroom at your home. No matter what the floor plan layout is, it is easy to create a luxury bathroom in your home.

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However, most luxury home builders Calgary recommend that you get the below lavish elements for the master bathroom, but not for kids’ or guests’ bathrooms. After all, when you create a home spa, it should be your personal retreat.

Here are the top features to add to the luxury bathroom:

Freestanding Bathtub
A wall-to-wall bathtub is a primary element that evokes luxury in a bathroom. But depending on the space available, you can also go in for a smaller-sized tub. But make sure it is freestanding. A standalone tub will be like a central furniture piece and becomes a statement in itself.

Customize the vanity per your needs, with plenty of drawers and pull-out storage. You can also add a quartz countertop and the right kind of lighting to make it the focal point. If possible, you can reconfigure two of the drawers into a laundry hamper and hide the messy and dirty clothes before they go to the washer.

Spa Feel
Your luxury bathroom is where you relax and rejuvenate after a tiring day, which means it has to incorporate all your favourite spa elements. You can start withlavender bath salts, essential oils, and scented candles to create the mood.

With scented soaps, the bathroom will always smell like a therapeutic spa. Add soft and fluffy towels in high-quality Egyptian cotton, monogrammed and resting on a heated towel rack.

Upgraded Lighting
Sometimes, bling doesn’t mean luxury – it could also be tacky. So, be careful while adding bathroom lights, especially above the vanity. You can ask for recommendations from luxury home builders Calgary because they are the expert at designing and upgrading custom bathrooms.

Usually, sconce lights beside the vanity mirror on either side can provide a subtle ambiance. You can also use pot lights positioned over the bathtub or shower. They can also double up as task lights when you need them.

Shower and Jets
If you already have a shower, switch the showerhead with low-flow variants or a luxurious rainfall model. Choose matte finishes like black or chrome to look more elegant. You can also get one with multi-directional jets for the wall. Body jets also come with in-built lights and are quite inexpensive.

Bathroom Seating
Spas and saunas have a bench or other seating options in the bathrooms. Get a small ledge-like projection, or if the space permits, place an upholstered chair or ottoman away from the wet areas. For small bathrooms, you can add an old chair and place little indoor plants for greenery for a more vibrant and lavish look.

Another idea to try is adding a decadent-looking rug in place of the doormat. Floor-to-ceiling wall tiles also create a grand effect and decrease the effort needed for cleaning. Finally, to create a stunning and opulent bathroom, take design inputs from luxury home builders.


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