How To Dress a White Fur Vest

We all know how hard it is to look put together in the cold weather. Most of us would love to sport a tank top in the summertime rather than bundling it up with layers in winter or spring. However, there are still other more efficient ways to stay comfortable and look smart at the same time on a chilly spring morning while you head for work with a handbag on one arm and a coffee cup on the other. The solution to this predicament—genuine white fur vest.

Make no mistake though, (a fur vest whatever its color may be) is not the answer to keep yourself warm in frigid winters. They are only applicable in other breezy seasons like fall or spring as temperatures by then may go up or down making it harder for anyone wearing a thick fur jacket to slip in and out of them constantly throughout the day. With fur vests, you can still look chic and classic without taking them off to hang in the coats rack. Below are carefully curated ensembles that you might want to try with a white fur vest in springtime.

Be That Date with a Touch of Class
While dressing up in cold weather can be a bit challenging especially if you have no idea what to wear, there’s always a solution for it, that can only be found somewhere in your closet. It’s not hard to look elegant if you have all the right pieces. The good thing about a classic elegant-date look is that the most basic colors in your closet are often the ones that can actually elevate your whole ensemble, you just have to wear the right accessories and you’re good to go. To achieve that classic date look, stick with the basics and steer clear from bolder colors. Your classic piece of a white dress shirt is excellent under a white fur vest, paired with black skinny jeans. They are not only highly functional pieces, but they also speak volumes about high fashion when teamed together with a pair of black suede over-the-knee boots.

Business As Usual In A Hurry
Spring mornings are a little harder to wake up to because of the cold weather. You would rather curl up under your sheets and call in sick, but that’s not going to be the case all the time anyway. Somehow, you’re going to have to get up, freshen up, and get dressed, before you know it, you’re running out of time and the best solution to a fashion emergency would be: An oversized sweater underneath a fur vest. For days like this, you are going to want to look cool and casual, so you’re going to team this up with a pair of olive skinny jeans and a pair of black leather ankle boots.

Look Edgy and Casual For Lunch
Are you heading downtown for a lunch date with girlfriends? Or are you going book hunting today? There’s no better way to look avant-garde mixed with casual-chic than by sporting your fur vest over a sheer teal button-down blouse and a pair of navy skinny jeans. Channel your inner Robin Scherbatsky by donning a pair of black sunglasses with your beautiful waves of hair cascading down your shoulders. To complete the sultry vibe you got going on, don a pair of dark brown leather knee-high boots.

When choosing your first piece of a fur vest, choose the one color that goes with everything—white. Purchase this piece of fur from Maximilian, you might also find a fine piece of genuine fur coat while you’re at it.

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