How to Find the Best Used Car Dealerships Near Kent, WA

So, the time has come for you to buy a new car. Well, a used car. Who wants to buy a new car when it’ll lose something like half its value the first time you roll it off the lot.

But you’re probably already there and see eye to eye with us. The way to score a real deal on a car is by buying a used car, not a new one. That just means you need to be particularly judicious about the dealership you choose to work with.

For those of you reading this from somewhere within the Seattle Metropolitan Area, your interest is probably going to lie with finding a reputable dealer that can actually serve you because it’s close enough to you. Put these tips to work and see if they can help you find the best used car dealerships near Kent, WA.

Try a Basic Local Search
The quickest and easiest way for you to compile a list of leads is by getting out your phone, iPad or laptop and simply typing your search in the search bar. Obviously, leave the word “best” out of the search. Every car dealership in the area is naturally going to claim it is the best used car dealership near Kent, WA.

Just perform a quick search and see what the results are. Don’t be afraid to scroll down the page; the best option is by no means always the first one. Choose 3 to 5 of these and then you can start your digging.

Take Local Reviews for a Test Drive
The next thing you need to do is to start plumbing your leads for reviews, customer testimonials, and social media activity. Start with local reviews, since you can probably see that in the dealership’s Google My Business account if they have one.

Take a look through the ratings and read the customer comments. If they’re mostly positive, you’re probably off on the right foot. If you need to eliminate one of your leads due to bad reviews, now is the time.

After you’ve scouted the local reviews, take a closer look through your used car dealerships’ social media accounts, particularly Facebook. See if there are any customer reviews or standout comments from clients and check for good response management from the used car dealership.

It’s a good sign if customer feedback is generally positive, and an even better sign if you see the dealership interacting positively with clients. That’s a good sign that the dealership offers good customer service, which will be important if you actually start working with them.

Check Trusted Sources
One more thing you can do if you’re looking for a disinterested account of good used car dealership, check out sources like or, JD Power, and even Kelley Blue Book’s directory.

Sources like these may be able to give you one more vote of confidence before you decide which car dealership you’re going to work with. Also, you may be able to trust some of these sources more than social media or even reviews, but it’s best to take a healthy skeptical approach and weigh all the different inputs.

Visit Legend Auto Sales Directly
If you’re looking for a specific place to start, check out Legend Auto Sales at or give them a call at 206-502-2821 and see for yourself if they’re not one of the best used car dealerships near Kent, WA.

You’ll get a good impression of their commitment to customer service right off the bat, but if you need a more immersive experience you should take some time to visit them at their physical location at Burien, WA. If you had any doubts, a visit will clear them up and get you on your way to your next set of wheels.

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