How to Keep Kids Busy at an Event Celebration?

How to Keep Kids Busy at an Event Celebration?

Hosting a wedding is not at all an easy task and unlike abroad you can’t restrict your guest list the way it is done in the west. We are talking about the kids who will be attending your wedding as they come and make the venue their playground. If you want to ensure that kids also have a good time at your wedding without disrupting fun for their parents. Now you must be thinking about what could be the easy way to do it. Fret not… all you need to do is arrange something fun or exciting for them. Here are some kids’ activity ideas that you can include in your functions as well to make them feel a part of the celebration in their way!  

Weddings in western countries usually have a “kids’ table” for the little attendees. It is a designating a special area for children to dine at but for their entertainment, you need something that keeps them busy as well as makes them part of the celebration as well. Also, if you don’t do it carefully, then there are chances that they get away from the party area. Above all, you should also add kid-friendly furniture so that they can sit comfortably in one place without any hassle.

You can also add various wedding games for kids, a mouth-watering kids’ menu, and play areas to keep them busy. You’ll also need to plan around your overall event design—some options might integrate better than others.

Kid-friendly décor 

Even the décor additions can be helpful too. There are so many Chhatarpur farms that installed some cute tents for kids. They were playing tents which included hula hoops, crates of other activities, and comfy cushions and rugs to sit on and have dome good time with the other kids.

Food for kids

The other thing that can keep them busy is some food. The menu should include some items that are relished by the kids such as doughnuts, French fries, cupcakes, sandwiches, Maggie and other finger foods which are easy to eat as well. You can also add some cool crockery such as cafeteria-style trays to make them kid-friendly! The best thing is to add chips, juices, shakes and less spicy items so that they can eat without thinking twice. A special kids menu is always a win-win!

Let them make some noise

The other thing that kids love to do at social gatherings is making some noise, so why not make it fun for them. You can give them a chance to play instruments at a time when it’s appropriate to make a ruckus like exchange of rings, Jai mala and so on… This would give them a chance to enjoy to the fullest and even add a little drama to that moment as well.

Hand them sparklers for a couple entry

Trust us kids love attention! You can make them involved in the ceremony in a very smart way. Just hand them sparklers during the couple’s entry or bridal entry which will not only make them happy but make it a little dreamy as well.

Make them the photographers   

Usually, all of the kids have access to cameras or phones. You can ask everyone to click the pictures to keep them entertained. This will also help you to have some pictures from a unique point of view which is fun indeed.

Transforming décor into activities 

This is fun amongst all. You can turn some part of wedding décor into activities. You can add an adorable kids’ table featuring toy reptiles, which are used as entertaining centrepieces.

Adding fun games

You can designate someone to do some fun stuff with kids. They can get them to do something fun such as sack races that are a classic children’s pastime. Plus, they’re super easy to incorporate into an outdoor big day. You can also add crafty things such as colouring sheets. You can add clipboards too so that they can make something adorable for the couple as well.

A fun room for kids

This is the easiest thing to do! You can set up a kids’ room or station filled with props they can play with such as dress-up outfits are highly encouraged. They can also be kept preoccupied with some blocks or legos to distract them! They can also have a blast making pillow forts.

These things will surely help you make any function fun for the kids. They will not only have fun but such arrangements will make it easy for their parents to enjoy the celebration on their own without running behind their kids all the time. Just make it up for them so that they can get the attention they want at the event.

And finally—the easiest way to keep kids occupied? Convince them the activities you’ve provided are the cool thing to do.


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