How to Make a Digital Bulletin Board for Your Office?

How to Make a Digital Bulletin Board for Your Office?

Gone are the days when office environments were nothing more than the clicking sounds on the keyboard, the pouring from the coffee machine, and the occasional claps on someone’s birthday.

Offices are becoming fuller and becoming more mindful of keeping the employees engaged. Even studies show that offices with a more engaging work environment have a better productivity rate.

Especially now, after working from home for more than two years, a new work set-up is highly needed for employees. There are various ways office managers and HR professionals can create a lively setting for employees. They can introduce accessories like digital bulletin boards and display engaging content, information, and employee UGC to keep the employees engaged during office hours.

But how can you create a digital bulletin board? Continue reading to find out!

What Is A Digital Bulletin Board?

Before we get into the knits of creating a digital bulletin board, let us understand what exactly a digital bulletin board is.

A digital bulletin board is a digital notice board wherein users can display information and content related to the office. But, because it is digital, there are other things that users can display over it. Like UGC created by employees, or you can post about newly achieved milestones.


How To Create A Digital Bulletin Board?

The best way to create a digital bulletin board without installing tedious software is to create one via an advanced social media aggregator and a tool like Taggbox Display. You can use your social media, the easiest and most accessible channel, to display content.

You can create a social wall easily in just a few simple steps and use it like a digital bulletin board to display content like photos, videos, tweets, memes, and any other engaging content you would like to display.

The initial step is choosing your preferred social media platform and selecting a source like a hashtag, user handle, user mentions, stories, etc., to collect or aggregate the content.

Once you have the content, you can moderate the content and create a feed, customize it according to your liking by changing the feed’s style, themes, color, and font.

Social walls work in real-time, so it is another added benefit of using them as a digital bulletin board. Whenever something new is posted on your selected source, like an insightful tweet by an employee or an important piece of information by the organization, it is automatically displayed on the digital screens.

Now you know how you can create a digital bulletin board with the help of a social wall for your office.

Let us tell you the very benefits of having one.


Benefits Of Having A Digital Bulletin Board

There are just so many benefits of having a digital bulletin board at your office. According to studies, you can increase your profitability by 21% by having an engaging workplace for employees. And that’s a number you can’t overlook!

Here are more such benefits of having a digital bulletin board.

Highly Engaged Employees, More Productivity

No business can ever be successful without talented employees who work relentlessly for the company’s betterment.

It is important to create a workplace that is engaging and understands the employees.

A social wall as a digital bulletin board at your workplace can perform as a big motivator for the employees. You can post social content, like photos, and videos, from any social media channel and have quick interactive sessions with your employees.

Formation Board

Youtube Video

This keeps the employees from getting bored and increases their productivity by increasing their concentration.

Reduced Employee Leaves

A major reason behind employees taking frequent work leaves is excessive stress and mental burnout. By having a social wall at your workplace, you can keep the employees entertained and reduce their stress levels.

You can host activities and conduct interactive sessions with your employees every once in a while. This impacts employees very positively and helps them maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Higher Employee Retention

A great way to avoid rookie mistakes and run your business smoothly is by holding a talented and well-trained team.

Time is extremely precious while building any brand, and constantly hiring new employees is extremely tedious, and time-consuming.

Retaining employees is the best way to go forward. Old employees have better knowledge of your brand and know your work systems. Including engaging activities with the help of a social wall can help in building a better team connection.

Final Words

If you want to create an engaging atmosphere for your employees, you need to think outside the box. You have to encourage proper employee communication between teammates and between team managers. By including a social wall as a digital bulletin board at your office, you can speak to your employees in more ways than one.

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