How To Maximize Space With Convertible Cribs

Having ample space for your nursery would be nice, but in reality, most families live in small apartments these days. And no matter where you look, you’re stuck with converting other rooms and turning them into a nursery or making the best out of a den. We can all agree by now that space is important in any living human being, especially when it comes to the nursery. Besides your child, you’re going to spend most of your time here too. The more space you’re given, the more productive you are at keeping things in order.

When you’re short on a few square footages and you need the best convertible crib to fit right in, you’ll definitely need a mini convertible crib that grows with your child. However, there are a few considerable features a mini convertible crib has aside from how convenient it is for a small nursery, let’s find out the rest of them below.

Mini Crib & Changer
This right here is the best convertible crib you got so far. For really small spaces, you will want a piece of baby furniture that is compact and combo. Meaning, you won’t have to buy a whole separate changing table because it is already attached to the crib. You not only save space, but you also save money too! See, crib and changer combo are more cost-efficient than having to buy separate furniture items. On top of that, you won’t be able to experience that much inconvenience when changing nappies at night since the changing table is built right beside the crib which also comes with a few extra storages to put the essentials in. Another really awesome feature a mini crib and changer has is that as your baby grows, so does the crib. The changer is detachable and will make a great nightstand in time.

Mini Rocking Crib
Rocking your baby to sleep can be overwhelming for a sleep-deprived mother. And purchasing a separate baby rocker is also not a very great idea if you are short on space. It’s important to also factor in its necessity, so if you think having a rocker will help you a great deal with putting your baby to sleep, then a mini rocking crib is the best one for you. Although this might not fall under the category of convertible cribs, it will be perfect for when you want to wheel it from room to room.

Stylish Convertible Mini Crib
If you’re a mom who factors in style in a small space then, a Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib is the best convertible crib for your nursery. See, this crib is so stylish, it even has beautiful spindle details and wheels for when you want to move the crib into your room or to the living room. Having this beautiful convertible crib means you won’t have to buy a bassinet for when you want to try co-sleeping with your baby for the first 6 months. It also converts to a mini toddler bed or a daybed, whichever one you want.

Choosing a perfect crib for your little one is a tough job for a small space. But with the innovation of technology, DaVinci Baby has created these space-friendly mini cribs that make your life a whole lot easier. Check out Kids N Cribs for reasonable prices on DaVinci Baby mini convertible cribs when shopping for the best convertible cribs in the market.

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