How to Prepare a Professional Academic Poster or Paper?

An academic poster or paper is a visual product that emerges by arranging the results of scientific studies with visual elements,

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using short and clear summaries, in poster size.

  • Content of the Poster

The poster to be prepared must have a beginning and an end. There should be a clear sequence of flow that starts and ends. During this flow, attention should be paid to the correct use of the language by paying attention to spelling and punctuation rules. Stay away from extended sentences, and these sentences should be expressed without the need for verbal expression. The article translation you use as a source must be translated by a reliable company and the structure of the language must be intact. The font used while writing the content should be legible and without quotes.

  • Images and Diagrams

Attention should be paid to the aspect ratio of the images used and care should be taken to ensure that the resolution quality is high. You should pay attention to the copyright of these images. You can also enrich your poster by using vector-based graphics. The images, graphs and charts used should be understandable. You can get help from the legends to make the graphics more understandable.

  • Oppression

You should find the most suitable printing method for the poster you have prepared. Checking the poster by taking an A4 printout before it is printed is a very important review method in minimizing missed errors and preventing unnecessary costs. You should definitely save a copy as a PDF.

How to Prepare a Poster or Announcement?

To prepare a professional academic poster, first of all, care should be taken to prepare the content by scientific research methods. An immature poster cannot achieve its intended purpose.

The target audience of the poster is determined and appropriate visuals and graphics are selected. The most used poster format in the world is IMRAD. That is introduction, method, Write my essay online findings, analysis, and discussion result. In determining the main template, the size and content of the poster should be taken into account. Following some basic rules achieves the purpose of the poster and ensures that it is legible. After the template is determined, it is more convenient to specify the text. The text should be clear and understandable. The poster can be arranged horizontally or vertically. The poster title should be no more than 90 points and other titles must be no more than 40 points. The text should not be less than 18 points. The fonts, images, graphics used should be seen from 2-3 meters away and the quality of the images should be high. At the beginning of the poster; Information such as the name of the poster, the institution where it was prepared, the logo, the names of the authors and the date should be added.

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