How to reinstall webroot SecureAnywhere with a keycode

Reinstalling Webroot SecureAnywhere with a Keycode

An Antivirus plays the role of important equipment to protect the data, privacy, and identity while using a computer and internet. During the lockdown period, the attacks by cybercriminals have reached their peak which has raised the importance of having an antivirus on your computer. Webroot is one of those applications. It provides decent protection against cyber threats at a pretty low price in comparison to its competitors in the market.  Thus, it is the most recommended software within a limited budget.

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reinstall webroot

How to Reinstall Webroot with a Keycode.

Many individuals have faced certain problems regarding their Webroot Application being Uninstalled while adding or removing it from an individual drive. This can also happen while deleting certain files from your hard disk. There might also be a problem with the Webroot Application that you have downloaded. Due to this reason, you might have uninstalled the software. Anyways, to re-install you might have to follow this three-step procedure to reinstall webroot secureanywhere with keycode.

Step 1: Uninstall Webroot

uninstall webroot


  • Right-click on the Start Icon
  • Select ‘Run’
  • Type: appwiz.cpl
  • Search your Webroot Application
  • Press ‘Yes’
  • Type the digits appearing in the image
  • Select ‘Continue’ and wait
  • Restart your computer

Step 2: Webroot Removal Tool 

Download these additional applications from the given link:

  • Clean WDF:
  • WR Upgrade:

Steps to install the applications:

  • Open ‘File Manager’ Application
  • Select ‘Downloads’
  • Right-click on the downloaded application
  • Select ‘Run as Administrator’
  • Select ‘Yes’
  • Select ‘Clean’
  • Restart your device

Step 3: Reinstalling the Application

reinstall webroot

  • Open the link: Register Your Product | Webroot
  • Type the Email through which you had registered your account
  • Type your Product Keycode
  • Select ‘Next’
  • Select ‘Download’
  • Open the downloaded file
  • Add the Keycode
  • Select ‘Agree and Install’

Reinstallation Process for Mac Users

Before Reinstalling Webroot, check whether the application is uninstalled. If not then do so:

  • Start the application.
  • Select ‘WebrootSecureAnywhere’
  • Choose ‘Uninstall’
  • Press on ‘Yes’

Now for reinstallation, do so:

  • Open the link:
  • Go to the ‘Downloads’ section
  • Double-click on ‘wsamac.dmg’
  • Now double-click on the application’s icon
  • Press the ‘Open’ button
  • Type your Keycode
  • Press ‘Agree and Install’
  • Enter your Device’s username and password.
  • Press ‘Ok’
  • Press the ‘Next’ option
  • Finally, choose ‘installation Extension’
  • Select ‘Finish’

Additional Information

  • After Installation, scan every file in your device manually.
  • Check whether you have activated, ‘Realtime Shied’, ‘Web Shield’ and ‘Firewall’.
  • If any previous settings were enabled or disabled, add them again.
  • Check the ending date of your subscription. Then, renew the subscription by going on the following website: Renew or Upgrade Your Security | Webroot
  • Always keep the application up to the date

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