How UrbanClap Clone has transformed the global on-demand business industry?

How UrbanClap Clone has transformed the global on-demand business industry?

Did you know the fact that the on-demand home services apps market is gradually increasing with each passing year? The global on-demand home services market is estimated to reach $4730.31 billion between 2021 and 2025. This significantly implies that there will be greater demand for home services apps even in the upcoming years. It is a wonderful opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to leverage it straight away. 

Single-purpose service app vs multi-service app

People tend to prefer the multi service app due to its convenience and ease of booking and availing of the services. Prevalently, there are on-demand multi-service apps. that customers prefer. Depending on their demands & expectations, multi-service apps emerged.  

Single-purpose service apps will enable the users to avail of only one service like food delivery, grocery delivery, house cleaning, flower delivery, dog walking, and similar other on-demand services. On the contrary, users can avail of any services from the list of available multiple services through multi-service apps. 

In comparison, multi-service apps save storage space in users’ smartphones and benefit from availing of different services under a single roof. Be it any, on-demand service apps are beneficial to the customers at the end of the day. Furthermore, the popularity of multi-service apps is drastically rising in today’s world. 

UrbanClap Clone: An on-demand home services app

UrbanClap Clone is an on-demand home services app encompassed home services, wellness & beauty services, appliance repair services, home decor & moving services. It mimics the original version of an Urban Company app in accordance with features & functionality alongside the business/revenue model. 

If you are already running a traditional on-demand home service business, it is high time to leap forward with a home maintenance app similar to UrbanClap. Or, if you are an entrepreneur who is readily looking for an idea to enter the on-demand sector, the UrbanClap Clone will be a perfect solution.

Perks of having UrbanClap Clone app for your on-demand service business

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There are diversified benefits of having an app like UrbanClap. Some of the notable ones are discussed below.

  • Diversified revenue streams: Gain profits

The inclusion of multiple home services will pave an effective way for you to implement various revenue streams, and it opens multiple ways to generate income. 

You can charge the registered service providers a commission fee on every service they render. Despite this, you can implement income-generating strategies like in-app advertising, service fee, and many others, which will be in accordance with the business model you are incorporating.

  • App itself acts as a marketing tool: Increase customer base

Even though you are promoting your services in popular social media channels, the app will act as a marketing tool. So, you can perform promotional activities in order to get attention from broader users. 

For instance, offering promo codes or coupons when customers are availing of service will increase the chance of those customers to come back to your app again. This way, you can increase the number of loyal customers.  

One effective way to get noticeable from wider users is the referral system. In this, customers can refer this app to their friends, neighbors, or relatives to install the app. On every successful installation, the one who sends referral links will get some benefits.  

  • Reach a global audience: Establish a direct communication channel

Through the UrbanClap Clone app, you can reach out to a global community. Make sure the app is equipped with features like multilingual and multi-currency. These are much needed when you plan for a global launch. 

In addition to this, let the customers get their queries answered at any time by reaching out to the customers’ support team via the in-app communication channels. Never leave their queries unanswered, which will create a negative impact on your business. 

  • An app with remarkable features: Smooth & seamless user experience

Feature-set you wish to include will have a greater impact as it is the major element in framing the app’s functionality. Ensure to choose the relevant features, which will be user-friendly. A few user-friendly features are listed below.

  • Explore services
  • Schedule services
  • Secured payment gateway
  • Live tracking
  • Fare estimation
  • Referrals
  • Reviews & ratings

Get the ready-made uberclap clone solution for your business 

As the on-demand service business is thriving and will continue to grow in the future, it will be great if you decide to go ahead with UrbanClap Clone app development. Approach a clone app development company and get your app crafted based on your requirements/needs. All set? Launch your on-demand home services app for Android & iOS.  



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