How Useful Is It To Get An ITIL Certification?

The original ITIL framework was developed in the late 1980s by the United Kingdom Government’s Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency as a set of best practices.

These were thought to increase the overall efficiency of the IT service management within the different government organizations.

Since then, the ITIL framework has undergone several tunings, including the update release of ITIL V3 in 2007 and ITIL 4 in the first quarter of 2019. However, before diving into the benefits of ITIL certifications, let us understand a bit more about the ITIL framework and how its certifications work.

Working Of ITIL Certifications

The ITIL certifications comprise a series of qualifications that cover many areas of the ITIL service lifecycle. Therefore, all individuals who wish to get an ITIL certification should take up a training course and pass the required exam before they receive their certification.

Currently, AXELOS offers five ITIL V3 certifications which range from the ITIL foundation level to the master level. As the names suggest, the more advanced certificates dive deeper into the concept and have a more detailed approach to the ITIL best practices.

Thus, it helps the candidates to prepare for even the most challenging scenarios in the IT environment.

Key Facts About ITIL Certifications

ITIL Certifications Are For Individuals

AXELOS and its collaborators offer ITIL certifications through ITIL course online modules for training. As of now, the ITIL certifications are only available for individuals, and there are no options for organizations or businesses to get ITIL framework certified.

The ITIL is not meant to be a prescriptive framework, and it is a guide for structuring the IT operations in a manner that benefits the businesses.

The ATOs Conduct ITIL Exams, i.e., Accredited Training Organizations

AXELOS maintains its three-tier structure to ensure the validity and integrity of ITIL certifications worldwide.

ITIL Certifications Are Going Through Their Transitional Period

Currently, AXELOS is in a transitional period. It offers exams for ITIL V3 while updating its examination module to reflect the best practices of the ITIL V4.

Major Benefits Of ITIL Certifications

Right from its inception, the ITIL certifications have widely evolved into a leading framework for the ITSM. Therefore, thousands of IT professionals have already invested their money and time in the ITIL certification programs.

Their primary intention behind going for ITIL certifications is to enhance their career prospects by understanding the key concepts of best practices in IT. Let us look at the key benefits associated with the ITIL course online:

1. Key Understanding Of ITIL Framework And Processes

The ITIL frameworks were designed to reflect the best services of IT service management. The ITIL 4 shifts the focus from service management to a wholesome concept of value creation and transforms the industry demands into values through workable and effective ITSM practices.

Those IT professionals who opt for the ITIL certifications do so to obtain a deep knowledge of these practices, which helps them drive business excellence in challenging IT environments.

2. Alignment With Global ITSM Standards

The overall ITIL framework is aligned alongside a range of global quality standards, including the ISO/IEC 20000 international standard for IT service management.

As a result, thousands of businesses around the world have adopted the framework, and they are regularly on a hunt for the best minds to help them manage their infrastructure. Therefore, the ITIL-certified candidates have ample job opportunities at their hands.

3. Personnel Development Through ITIL Course Online

Multiple types of research conducted on ITIL-trained employees suggest that those professionals are more confident, dependable, and less likely to commit errors. Hence it is a clear opinion that ITIL-certified candidates stand a better chance for job opportunities.


Given the huge subsets of IT infrastructure, managing the IT environment effectively with all the available resources becomes an empirical task. The ITIL framework has been evolving with the dynamic changes that are taking place in the IT environment.

Due to this reason, companies are opting for an efficient IT management tool, and for that, they need trained professionals to operate.

If you want to make it big in the IT industry and equip yourself with the best resources while validating your ITIL skills and knowledge, you should opt for an ITIL certification.


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