Ideas To Integrate Social Media In Your Live Events

Social media platforms are influential, and they can help brands in enhancing onsite audience engagement. 

Attendees attending the event are anyway actively scrolling through their social media feeds, by integrating feeds in your live events, you can boost their participation, excitement, and interaction with the event. 

Irrespective of the audience niche that you cater to, showcasing social media can be instrumental and how! So, if you have been looking for creative ways to integrate your social media feed, find some inspirational ideas below. 

Display Social Wall

Showcasing social media wall at your live event has to top the list when it is about ideas to integrate social media. 

By showcasing a social wall, you can captivate the attention of your audience and keep them hooked throughout the event. The attendees will get thrilled to see themselves getting featured on the digital screens, this will further motivate others to create content. 

All that you need is a social media aggregator that can fetch content from differential social media platforms, moderate it to make it event relevant, customize it to make it appealing for the audience, and display it on any screen. 

Broadcast Live 

It is easier than ever to showcase live, thanks to social media. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to go live with just a few clicks on a smartphone. 

Live streaming a session can give insights into the products and services of the brand, or let your speakers have a stage to speak, or just better connect the audience with the organizers. 

Here, it is important to not overlook engagement and interaction. For any live broadcast to be successful, two-way communication is necessary. Make sure that you include elements of fun in it and pick up the note when the audience’s excitement goes down. 

Showcase A Social Media Ticker 

A social media ticker is textual posts scrolling at the bottom of the screen. You can display tweets, updates, textual reviews, etc., on the digital screen and make the most of the content generated on social media. 

A ticker can smartly hold onto the attention of the audience and keep them hooked to what’s been shown on the screen. Further, you can showcase a ticker along with visual content, which helps in keeping up the audience engagement levels. 

As a part of its advantage, you can enhance the brand’s awareness and advocacy as people would feel delighted to see their shared texts getting featured on digital screens. 

Photo Booth 

Setting up a photo booth can make your event fun and memorable by radically improving your attendees’ experience. As it charms them by providing a space to be creative and engage with each other. 

The organizers can tailor their events by adding backgrounds, templates, custom stickers, exciting filters, overlays featuring the brand’s logo, or sponsor details. 

By employing smart platforms, your guests can run through the live gallery to see the pictures created by others and get inspired to also click some. 

People get excited to click themselves, share the picture on their social media handles using the exclusive event hashtag, and subtly instigate other guests to do the same. This is not only a fool-proof way to better engage, but also a considerable way to increase brand awareness.

Influencer Content 

Another robust way of integrating social media at your event is by showcasing influencers’ content on your live event. 

Influencers have the power to influence the attention of many. Showcasing what they have to say about the event can alter the perception of it in many folds. Use their generate content to your benefit and witness the amount of content generated by your users manifold. 

Moreover, influencers can build reputation of your brand and ignite the attention of your audience to be more participative in the event, thus improving the potential of your in-person happening. 

Over To You

Social media can potentially shape the reputation of your event and organisation, help in building connections and collaborations after the event, conveying the messages of the speakers in a better way and elevate the scale of attention of your audience. 

So, if you have been looking out for ways in which you can leverage social media to your advantage, use this blog to your advantage and maximise your event’s performance and reach. 


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