Immigration Options for International Students under Canadian PNP Program, 2022

In terms of economic immigration to Canada, Provincial Nominee Programs are the fastest-growing immigration route. To underscore how important these programs have become in Canadian immigration policy, Ottawa has gradually boosted provincial yearly PNP funding in recent years.

A Canadian study visa is necessary for programs lasting more than six months.  Documents required for a Canada study visa for international students are:

  • An Acceptance Letter for DLI.
  • Evidence of funds.

How about choosing a province to study in?

When it comes to selecting a school with a Canada Student Visa, you have many possibilities. To get a taste of life in a big metropolis, some people apply to study in cities like Toronto or Vancouver. Other people may choose a school with a view of the ocean and a quieter atmosphere, hence preferring a school in Atlantic Canada.

Staying in Canada and deciding to stay:

Many international students fall in love with Canada after studying there for a few years (Canada Student Visa) and wish to stay on. Because of this, international students have access to a variety of immigration schemes.

To participate in most PNPs for overseas students, the student must have a valid work permit for the period following graduation. They are qualified for this work permit after graduating from an accredited institution and having finished a study program at least one year in length.

When it comes to overseas students who have studied in that province, what are the best Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)?

An immigration program run by a province is called the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). As part of the PNP, a province can nominate a foreign individual to reside permanently in Canada.

For this reason, each province and territory has a few different PNPs. Some provinces offer special PNPs for overseas students who have completed their studies with a Study Visa in that province. Here are a few of them-

  • Post-Graduate Worker from Alberta– Following the completion of a post-secondary educational degree in Alberta.
  • BC International Post-Graduate Category– In British Columbia, you must have earned a master’s degree or a doctorate from a recognized university.
  • Graduates of Ontario’s Masters and Doctoral Programs– An eligible Ontario institution must have conferred a master’s or doctoral degree on you.
  • Atlantic Provinces– Many new study-to-stay programs are being implemented.

If the applicant has completed a rare field of study, they will be able to apply for a skilled Canada visa program.

How can international students participate in PNPs if they are not from that province where it is being held?

Canada Student Visa people who graduate from one college in one province may be offered a job in another province.

There are many PNPs available to international graduates from any Canadian university or college.

To take part in these programs, you must have two things-

  • A valid post-graduation employment visa is the first thing you need.
  • It is also necessary to work for a company in the province where you intend to apply. To continue working there, the company must also be willing to make you an official job offer.

Because of this program, they can apply for a Skilled Visa in any Canadian province based on their qualifications and experiences.

  • Graduate of the University of Alberta– Graduated from anywhere in Canada, yet you are now employed in Alberta.
  • Graduate of the University of British Columbia– Anyone who has graduated from an accredited Canadian university and has been offered employment by a British Columbian corporation may be eligible for this program.
  • International Students in Ontario– A genuine job offer from an Ontario business may be enough to qualify for a post-secondary degree in Canada.

The last two possibilities require you to have two years of full-time experience in a similar role to the one offered to you.

Express Entry Stream of PNP:

A federal express entry system is aligned with the Express Entry stream. Canadian provinces are permitted to pick applicants from the express entry pool and tell them to apply in their Provincial Nominee Program under this stream of the immigration system.

Apply to Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP):

If you are interested in applying for a PNP, there are various steps you may take to get started. Check Your Eligibility.

  1. Initiate the application procedure.
  2. Verify the process.
  3. Assemble the necessary documents.
  4. Reapply with corrections to your application if you are already here.

There will be 73,000 permanent permits available through PNP for both the Student Visa and the Skilled Category by the end of 2022.

For overseas students who came with a Student visa, who have graduated from one of 19 selected occupations and have studied at one of the following colleges: Atlantic Business College, McKenzie College, McKenzie University, or Oulton University as of April 1, 2022, the Provincial Nominee Program will be available (PNP).

To discover immigration applicants who can suit their local economic needs, Canadian provinces and territories use the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Several of the PNP streams are aimed at overseas students, and many are designed expressly for them.


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