Importance of Technology in Recruitment and Selection Process

Importance of Technology in Recruitment and Selection Process

In this present scenario, the HR department becomes the backbone of the organization. Without the help of the HR team, it is hard to find out the gem for the company. Nowadays companies have some focal points that include innovation, technology, and teamwork.

To get the information about those companies, you can click for more info for leading recruiting agencies. By considering all these points, people get various positive outcomes. Moving to the HR department, there is a huge difference between the traditional recruiting process and the modern recruiting process. Even, HR technology gained immense popularity.

Not only this, but it also becomes a fundamental requirement. Additionally, it is not easy to run a business without enhancing the effectiveness of the HR department. HRIS becomes an essential part of the HR department. The term HRIS stands for the Human Resources Information System.

This system is fruitful in collecting, collating, and passing the information to employees. With the help of this system, the recruitment process will enhance too. In 1960, the first management information system was established. Over time, decrement in computer technology enhances the cost of the salaries.

Importance of Information technology in Recruitment 

According to the HBR report, 57% of the firms and HR managers gave preference to new technology and tools in 2016. Along with it, 32% are well-prepared for using them to enhance the speed of the recruitment process. Technology is fruitful in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of recruitment in various ways. These ways include:

  • Cost-saving
  • Lessen the human errors
  • Enhancing the efficiency and quality

How technology enhances the recruitment and selection process:

When it comes to hiring employees, using the technology can save you plenty of time. Not all the masses are aware of the benefits of using technology in the recruitment and selection process. Here is the list of three major ways technology saves them time and money.

  • Enhanced productivity 

No one can deny the fact that higher productivity leads to great economic growth. It means the more you work on producing, the more you will sell. As a result, you will earn more money. So where does the use of technology exist? The technology consists of automation.

It reduces the time to complete the task. Additionally, the automation features consist of social sharing, managing emails, and completing tasks. With the help of technology, it is easy to compile and organize the data in an accurate format.

If you avoid the task that needs repetition, it will save your quality of time. The application tracking system will automatically add the resumes to the software. You can shorten the list of candidates without checking the hard copy of resumes.

  • Less risk for a bad match 

There is no need to consider the whole selection process to hire the new employees. If you are struggling with employee turnover, you can utilize the technology. Due to it, you can avoid bad matches during the selection process.

Additionally, recruitment technology works on discarding unmatched resumes without any shifting. There are various tracking systems that consist of resume parsing. This feature is fruitful in finding the information from the resumes and entering in the same format.

Due to it, you can find the best candidate. Either you are giving preference to social media platforms or to email systems, tech makes your work easier. There is no need to make the calls and sit down for the interviews. As a result, you will find accurate matches without wasting the time.

  • Get more strategic 

Without planning and managing the time, it is hard to execute the recruiting process. You must have accurate strategies and plans when you make a decision to hire the masses. Additionally, analytics helps in measuring by which way your measuring strategy will work.

There are various aspects on which planning is required that include finding the right applicant, working in the position, and so on. Here is the list of some questions that you can answer including the recruiting analytics:

  1. Where does the best applicant come from?
  2. How much time does the hiring process take?
  3. Where are the candidates in the recruiting process?
  4. How many candidates will accept the job?

You have the option of using the technology in tracking, measuring, and applying analytics for recruiting. With the help of it,

  • Candidate sourcing 

To attract the candidates, you will require various strategies. These strategies include referrals, online postings, and job fairs. This process can be completed in two ways externally and internally. Companies use the leverage HR software which utilizes the algorithm for scraping all the potential candidate’s profiles.

The technology is fruitful in candidate sourcing. Additionally, it will save you time and money.

  • Video interviews

Over time, face-to-face interviews are replaced by video interviews. The video interviews will save your time and be fruitful in streamlining the process of selecting applicants. Video programming can be fruitful in pre-programming. It will eliminate the stress of the first step.

This first step is related to the phone call round interview. What the recruiters can do is write down the text question or focus on pre-recording video questions for the candidates. After the submission, that video interview will be shared with the stakeholder. Next, they can watch and review it.

  • Integrations

The combination of the Applicant tracking system and different applications will lessen the labor that is needed for the execution of various functions. There are various sites from where one can get the information of candidates with some specific software.

Without this procedure, recruiters will have to enter the candidate details or data into the system. Undoubtedly, it will require plenty of time. It is because you need to enter the data wisely and then collect the information.

  • Screening and short-listing the right candidate 

The screening of candidates including the existing database is helpful in figuring out those candidates which have a high success rate and who are unsuccessful on the basis of different factors. These factors include performance, turnover rate, tenure.

There is no need for manual screening of resumes. Additionally, the human resource management software works on screening and short-listing accurate candidates.

  • Help in finding the right talent

There are various technologies that are budget-friendly when it comes to the matter of joining the integration process. With the help of it, companies will be able to find the right kind of employee for the organization. The technology works fast for selecting the people.

There is a specific system to track the applications that can be used in managing the different candidate applications. With the help of this system, it will be easier to figure out the best applicant in a specific order. In other words, with the help of it, you can find accurate talent for your company.

In the end, these are the roles of technology in the HR department. You can get the best help from technology in terms of productivity and finding real talent. So, work on learning the technology and implementing it in an accurate order.


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