Know About the Calculation of the Interior Design Cost in Kolkata

When it comes to designing your home, the first thing that comes to your mind is the budget. The actual cost for the interior designer of your home might vary depending upon your requirements, brands, carpet area, and materials you want to use. The interior design cost in Kolkata is also available online if you want to get an idea about the same. 

When you decide to get your house redecorated, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality. But sometimes you might run short of budget so it is advised to estimate the cost beforehand before starting with the project. Given below are some ways in which the designers in Kolkata charge for their work-

  1. Lump-Sum– This is the most common way of charging for decorating your space. Here, the interior designer charges a one-time fee depending upon the size of the project. It can be based on a percentage commission, according to per square feet, or maybe a combination of two or more categories. There is no transparency on what basis this is charged.
  2. Percentage of the overall cost– The designer takes an estimate of the cost of the entire project. Now, based on this total cost, he will charge around 5% to 15% design fee according to his experience, quality of work, nature of the project, etc. 
  3. According to square feet– Some designer charges a fixed rate as per square feet. Some take around Rs 10 per square feet while others might charge around Rs 100 per square foot. If you want to get some fancy work done, like false ceiling, modular kitchen, walk-in closet, etc, interior design cost in Kolkata might shoot up to Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 per square foot as well.
  4. Premium on products– Since your designer helps you procure material for your house; he might charge a premium for this work. For example, if the cost of a sofa is around Rs 50,000, your designer might mark it as RS 55,000, where Rs 5,000 is his commission. This premium also varies according to the nature and size of the project. 
  5. Add-on Charges– Since interior designing is a long process that involves a lot of visits and iterations, there are some extra charges that are involved here too. As per a general rule, the first 3-4 visits of the designer are includes in the fees he charges. Later, he might charge extra for each visit. Similarly, if you are not satisfied with one design and you wish to get the design changed, the designer might charge an extra fee. Another additional fee here is if you want the designer to be present at the site to supervise the work being done, he might charge an additional fee for the same. 
  6. Design only cost– If you only want the designer to design your space, the fee is different but if in case you want a 3D view, the cost might exceed. Some designers charge per room while others might charge for the entire project.

The interior design cost in Kolkata is not fixed and it varies from designer to designer. You might be charged Rs 3 Lakh to Rs 5 Lakh for a 500 square feet interior space in Kolkata. In the same manner, an 800 square feet 2 bedroom house interiors design cost in Kolkata is something around Rs 5 Lakh. An additional 30 to 50 thousand rupee needs to be given if you want kitchen cabinet furniture, fancy wardrobe, false ceiling, etc. So, whenever you decide to hire an interior designer, you should do your homework well and know about the current charges of the designers. 


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