Is Epoxy Flooring Suitable For Our Home?

Is Epoxy Flooring Suitable For Our Home?

For every homeowner, renovating the home is very exciting. One can select the new kitchen cabinets, wallpapers, and flooring according to their choices. Though it is preferable that everyone would like to have appealing flooring, it must have much more functionality. 

Not just for adding aesthetic beauty but also for the safety of the family, flooring must be preferred. There is nothing more versatile than epoxies when it comes to compelling features. Its beauty, safety, and varieties of styles make Epoxy Floors in Melbourne a preferable option for every residence. This is not enough. It even does wonders for chemical spills, traction, and harsh weather conditions. 

Indeed, it is an outstanding flooring material that is the best in every aspect of our home. Here, we are with this blog to explain how!

Best Features Of Epoxy Floors Right For Your Home


Well, epoxy floors in Melbourne are chosen mostly because they can withstand a lot of daily hustle and bustle of the home. Harsh chemical spills and heat have no extreme impacts on them. When installed correctly, they hardly peel off or crack. Also, you can easily prevent scratches by applying the protective layer of urethane over epoxies. 

Also, epoxy floors are waterproof, reducing damage due to the seeping of moisture. You can even drive and park on it, thus best for home garages. Moreover, they are suitable to use in stores for keeping heavy equipment, causing no wear and tear to the flooring. Overall, the durability of these floors makes them last long for many years. 


The customization is less with tiles but with epoxy floors, there are plenty of options available. For instance, for a traditional look, you can go for any solid colors or flakes or metallic epoxy style that naturally mimics stones. 

Besides this, if you want more expressive flooring, opt for abstract patterns or geometric designs. On the other hand, for truly eye-catching flooring, cliff edges, lake bottom, and 3D pictures of oceanic waves will create a great impression. 3D visuals increase the essence of the space, making small rooms more spacious. 

Furthermore, you can prefer self-leveling epoxy floors, the most suitable option for dining rooms and kitchens. Also, terrazzo styles are best for balconies and hallways which are not only appealing but also allow you to print any designs of your preferences. 

Easy Maintenance

Weekly vacuum cleaning or dust mopping is all that epoxy floors require to be clean and stay in the best condition. Wet mopping helps wipe off accumulated dirt from the floor and dry vacuuming removes grits that can cause scratches on the surface. 

For cleaning, use microfiber mops or sponges as they are smooth. They improve the cleansing process and are more efficient in removing germs in comparison to traditional mops. Additionally, use the ammonia solution with lukewarm water for floor cleaning. 

Do not use acidic cleaners, such as citrus-based products, any type of detergent, or vinegar. It is because they can corrode the floor surface. Using oil-based products and soapy water can leave greasy residues, leading to slip accidents. 


Being a cost-effective option makes epoxy floors in Melbourne the most popular for residential use. The installation is done on the existing concrete floors. Providing a strong foundation to the surface also lowers the need for such expenses in coating materials. Therefore, there is no need to worry about adhesive and underlayment.

Epoxy floors are less expensive when it comes to replacement too. When there is a need to replace the coating, only the epoxy coat is separated, leaving the concrete slab untouched. Unlike other floorings which require removing the entire surface before installing the new one. 

Chemical Resistant 

Epoxy floors are best known for their resistance to tough conditions. They remain unaffected by chemical, oil, or grease spills, thus coming as the best option for laundry and kitchen areas. The chemicals or detergents trespassing in any space of the home can be harmful to the health. Installation of epoxies is the key to getting rid of such problems.

The deepness and thickness of the epoxy coating withstand harsh chemicals and block them from passing to the concrete pores, leaving no toxic residue.

Environmentally Friendly

Epoxy coating is ideal for your home environment in many ways. The installation method of epoxies is minimal and the types of materials utilized are free of toxic substances. Also, as we have mentioned above, there is no need to use harmful cleaning products for the maintenance of the flooring to keep it dirt-free. 

Moreover, there are no extra lighting requirements because of its glossy surface, thus saving electrical energy. In addition, the epoxy floors are long-lasting, preventing the need to replace them too soon, meaning less waste. 

Furthermore, it lowers the usual damages of vehicles which means there are not often tires or any mechanical parts changing, thus eliminating waste. 


The best feature of epoxy floors that makes it the most suitable material is its water-resistance strength. Slip and fall accidents can be problematic if you have old-age or young children in the home. So, do consider opting for epoxies if it is the case. 

Incorporating the anti-slipping elements into the epoxy mixture provides a tight grip on the surface. Also, you can add sand, gravel stones, and polymer grit additives, for much more grip effects. Thus, lowering the risk of slipping and making it an ideal option for your kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas where there is the everyday use of water. 


Typically, epoxy floors can stand up to a heat level of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. But high-quality epoxies are much more effective in resisting heat. For instance, phosphorus-containing coatings withstand the heat better and their addition is done at different steps of the installation process to obtain an optimum resistance.  

For this reason, this type of epoxy coating is perfect for kitchens and home garages. 

Summing Up

Undoubtedly, all the potent features of the epoxy floors mentioned above have assured how valuable they are for your home. From adding aesthetic beauty to ensuring safety, it provides a huge transformation. 

So, we recommend you to surely choose the epoxy flooring for your place. Whether you are designing a new home or planning a renovation, do consider epoxies, and ensure high durability and versatility.


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