How to fix Kaspersky certificate Varification Problem Complete Guide

Kaspersky certificate Varification Problem:- Today, individuals are a lot more dependent on the internet than ever before. This is because of two reasons. One reason is that more and more features are added over the internet. You can see all the features like shopping, food delivery, ticket booking, talking, studying, everything just so easily available over the internet. Secondly, the internet’s functioning speed has been increased a lot during these years. The website takes no time to load. Internet becoming easy to use has very handy.

Today we discuss the Kaspersky certificate verification problem if you also face the same problem and looking for instant solutions just call our support team at +1-888-832-1727

Kaspersky certificate Varification problem

Users share a lot of information on these websites. This information includes banking details, passwords, and any other sensitive information. Such information getting into anyone’s hands is not good as they may steal all your money.

Due to these, Antivirus Companies initially were providing services to protect just the device from harmful malware, but now this isn’t enough to protect the user. Thus, these companies provide services to protect these users from internet threats. Kaspersky is one such software that protects the user and prevents him/her from getting into a risky situation.

Kaspersky certificate verification problem

Kaspersky is one such software that provides excellent protection against malware. As the company has also realized that internet security is also important, the software has been now designed to protect against threats over the internet.

kaspersky certification problem

As Applications are important for the use of computers, so are the websites important for the use of the internet. To provide benefits to the users, the website asks for some information. This can be the contact details, address, bank account details, etc. These details were crucial while providing the services like food delivery, shopping, etc. But there can be some suspicious websites on the internet that may ask for this information. Kaspersky detects these kinds of Website that have signs of being harmful.

These sometimes cause a problem, as you might not be able to access your bank’s website or any other website, that carries transactions of money and you have to add the payment details.

Solutions for making your transaction website work smoothly

Solution no 1: Update to solve Kaspersky certificate verification problem

update kaspersky

  • Save the work you are doing on the computer.
  • Close all the applications that are working on the computer.
  • Shut Down the computer.
  • Start the computer.
  • Start the Kaspersky Internet Security Software.
  • Select ‘Database Update’.
  • Press the ‘Run Update’ option and wait.
  • Now open the website and check whether it is working.

Solution no 2: Close the Safe Money.

I won’t recommend you to follow this step as it is unsafe to open the website that is showing a threat within Kaspersky. Do this only when it is very important for you to use this website.

  • Start the application
  • Select the settings icon available on the bottom-left corner
  • Select ‘Protection’
  • Search for the Safe Money option and disable it.
  • Select ‘Yes’

Solution no 3: Stop Encrypted Connection

This is also a threat to the safety of the user but do so if the website is important and you want to take the risk.

  • Start the Application
  • Select the settings icon available on the bottom-left corner
  • Select ‘Network Settings’
  • Within ‘Encrypted Connection’, select the first option that prompts the software to stop this feature.
  • Select ‘Continue’
  • Select ‘Save’
  • Finally, select ‘Yes’

Solution no 4: Excluding website from protection

This is also a not recommended feature. Only do this if you have something important to do and thus, want to open and use the website at any condition.

  • Open the website that is not working
  • Copy the link to the website
  • Start the Kaspersky Application
  • Select the settings icon available on the bottom-left corner
  • Select ‘Network Settings’
  • Search for the Manual Exclusion option and select it, for the options to appear.
  • The ‘Trusted Addresses’ option will appear. Select it.
  • Press on the ‘Add’ icon
  • Paste the website here.
  • Select Active
  • Select Add
  • Finally, select ‘Save’
  • Now select ‘Yes’ to confirm the settings.

Any of these options might grant you access to the website. Once you have done the work, don’t forget to reverse the settings that you had changed. This will ensure optimum protection to you. Excluding the first solution, all other solutions are reversible. If the problem is setting occurring over the website, then contact our technical team and they will guide you to solve the problem of kaspersky certificate varification.

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