Learn how VMware vRealize automation training standardize and automate resource delivery across a hybrid cloud

The VMware vRealize automation training teaches how it standardizes and automates resource delivery across a hybrid cloud. It is a five-day training program, familiarizing you with VMware vRealize Automation effortlessly.

What does the course teach you?

The five-day VMware vRealize automation course focuses on training you in the installation, configuration, and management of VMware vRealize Automation. You can know how the vRealize Automation course helps you to standardize and automate the resource delivery across a hybrid cloud in detail. The VMware vRealize Automation course educates you on the effective use of VMwarevRealize Automation, as well. As a result, you can automate the delivery of virtual mechanisms and customized IT services across different hybrid cloud environments and various data centers.

Moreover, you will know how to manage hybrid cloud services and on-premise systems from the VMware vRealize automation training. The course is designed with the combination of VMware vCloud Suite and VMware vRealize Suite. It means that the course unites various vRealize cloud administration products to offer IT with the automation operation and reliable operation of infrastructure.

What does the course in VMware vRealize automation offer?

The VMware vRealize automation training educates you on beneficial features of VMware vRealize automation. The perfect combination of VMware vCloud Suite and VMware vRealize Suite makes the course more comprehensive and useful to IT professionals. You learn more about DevOps for improving your IT Infrastructure.  It educates you on infrastructure delivery based on DevOps, with infrastructure pipelines, infrastructure as code, pipeline as code, release automation, and GitOps.

Expert training in self-driving operations will aid you considerably in optimizing performance, ability, and cost continuously. Additionally, the VMware vRealize Automation course is provided with app-aware intelligent remediation and integrated fulfillment across clouds, from apps to infrastructure.

The training in VMware vRealize automation educates you on how you can perform modern infrastructure automation effortlessly. You will be capable of automating the management of your IT services across lifecycle efficiently with,

  • Provisioning through APIs
  • Approval policies
  • Declarative state enforcement
  • Day 2 automation
  • Workflow orchestration
  • Auto-remediation

The vCloud Suite of the course teaches you about Data Center Virtualization. When you include vSphere to vRealize Suite, it will assist you in improving the productivity of VI admins with application-centric management and inherent security. Moreover, you can speed up innovation across machine language, Artificial Intelligence, analytics and database, and time-critical applications.

What products does the vRealize Suite of the training include?

The vRealize Suite of the VMware vRealize automation training includes different products. They help you standardize and automate resource delivery across a hybrid cloud effortlessly. These products include:

vRealize Automation: This product aids you significantly in increasing agility, output, and efficiency through the self-service automation process.

vRealize Log Insight: Learning about this product will help you improve your troubleshooting skills. You will be capable of centralizing log management, analytics, and visibility with maximum security.

vRealize Operations: With this product, you will be capable of optimizing, planning, and scaling the cloud deployment and software-defined data center deployment efficiently with self-driving runs.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager: This comprehensive product educates you on accelerating deployment, enhancing upgrade stability, and improving end-user productivity.

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