Learn Python by creating a Video Game

As a programming language, Python has a devoted following. It’s a powerful and useful language for any reason, whether you wish to learn it for a job or enjoyment.

You can make apps to aid you with daily tasks, games for you and your friends to enjoy, data processing scripts, information generation or parsing apps, and much more.

A game is always fun to develop. This helps make it easy to learn a programming language that does not involve dealing with numbers or changing strings, regardless of what you want to accomplish. If you’ve never programmed before, it’s a good idea to observe how the code works in a familiar environment like such a video game. Because of this, it’s much easier to see why you’d want to write code to achieve anything in the first place.

Importance of Python

Python may not be the best programming language available. This is a matter of opinion, but it is a language that is pretty easy to learn. Many terms (such as ‘is’ and ‘is not’) can get used symbols (such as = and!=) in Python. It also takes care of a lot of the low-level stuff, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of things like trash collection and data types. So now you can go ahead without the initial frustration of learning a complex language like C or Java.

Since Python has many uses, it’s a versatile programming language. It is possible that the programming language will be used to develop both desktop and web-based apps. Complicated scientific and numerical applications also get created by Python. Data analysis and visualization are made simpler with Python’s built-in capabilities. It’s the most flexible language ever, and its future looks bright.

Python, most often regarded as the best programming language which can get used for creating different kinds of applications. Machine Learning and AI, Web Development, Data Analytics, Game Development, IoT, Application Development, and Game Development are important fields. Python gets extensively included in various industries, like healthcare, finance, aerospace, and banking. Many well-known companies have either built their applications in Python or switched their entire tech stack to Python.

Create Games using the Pygame, Command line, and Turtle

Python is a general-purpose programming language, which means it (like most programming languages) has functions for doing simple “tricks” with numbers and characters. Python is already installed on Linux systems. Users on Macs have an older version of Python, but the current version can be downloaded from the Python.org website.

  • One of the games is entirely command-line based. Writing command-line code is an excellent approach to acquiring basic programming skills without having to deal with graphics.
  • The turtle graphics module is also used in another game. This built-in module gets frequently used to teach beginners and may also be used to make simple games.

Pygame is also a wonderful platform to create games. Pygame stands as a collection of Python modules that may get used to making a wide range of games, including complicated ones. It makes adding graphics and sound to Python projects a breeze.

Also, you can learn how to use sockets and networking to create a scalable multiplayer game in Python. You can learn how to set up your game so that players from all around the world can compete against one another.

You can learn about concepts like designing clients and servers, delivering encrypted data, and connecting several clients to a server by creating a multiplayer game.

Learn Pygame within Minutes

It could take a lot of research, work, and time to find a platform for best Bingo game development or anything other than a basic calculator by only using Python. Fortunately, because Python has been around for a few decades, libraries of code have been produced to assist us in performing common programming tasks with (relatively) minimal effort.

Pygame is a collection of code modules for making video games. It’s not the only library of this kind, but it’s definitely the most well-known for making a wealth of information and examples available online.

After Pygame gets installed, create a basic application. Regardless of what you may have heard, it’s not as difficult to learn. Python supports object-oriented programming (OOP), a fancy computer science word for when code gets written as if it were used to create physical things.

Programmers, on the other hand, don’t get deluded. They realize they are not building physical objects when they code, but it can be helpful to think of it that way since it helps them comprehend the boundaries of their programmed world.

Some Basic Instances

For example, if you were stuck on a desert island and needed a coffee cup, you would need to gather clay, construct a cup, and bake it. If you are very clever, you will make a mold first so that you can swiftly make another cup from your pattern anytime you need one.

Even if each cup were made from the same mold, they would be physically separate: if one were to break, you would still have the others. You might also add color or etchings to make each coffee cup stand out.

Similar reasoning is used in Pygame and many other programming jobs. You can’t see something unless you define it in your programmed universe. Find out more info about how to create a coffee cup using Python and Pygame programs.

  • Build a new file called main.py
  • Paste the following code into it to start the Pygame module and create a window using a Pygame template:

pygame import




pygame.display.set mode = screen



  • This way, you utilize a template provided by Pygame to generate a sprite (Pygame’s word for a visual game item), much as you would in real life. A class in object-situated writing computer programs is a layout for an article.
  • This code block creates a coffee cup sprite using Pygame’s sprite template.
  • image provides an image of your coffee cup and self.rect provides its volume (height and width).

While these stand as some basic attributes available on any given sprite template, you should always remain free to make your additions as per your preference to make the game more suited to your liking. All you’ve done so far is make a window and a coffee cup template. Your game hasn’t yet produced a cup. Once the cup gets ready using the sample template, the Pygame function can then get used to updating the display. Finally, it uses Pygame’s blit function to draw the image of the cup within its bounding box.


Python language helps a lot with task automation because it has many tools and modules, which makes things a lot easier. It’s remarkable to think that with only necessary python programs, one may easily achieve sophisticated levels of automation. Python is the best performance booster for creating games and one of the best Bingo game development platforms. This way, it helps to write codes with automation tools, thereby taking a fraction of the time and requiring a small number of lines.


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