List Of Mobile App Which Is Best for Personal Loan

There were times when loans are taken traditionally needed to submit an array of documents and wait in long queues to get it done. Additionally, the manual process was time staking, and the loans get sanctioned after days. With digitization, instant loan apps have made borrowers’ lives much more straightforward and reduced interest rates, processing charges and paperwork considerably. As the name signifies, Instant personal loan apps are the new trend due to their speedy disbursal of loan amounts and lesser paperwork. The apps have made borrowers life simpler that You can apply for loans on the go. These apps have emerged as an excellent idea to provide secure, hassle-free loans within 24 hours. The loan amount is credited directly to the recipient bank account in half an hour of approval.

Instant online personal loans made through the personal loan app offer collateral-free loans for people looking for emergency funds to meet their personal needs. With minimum documentation, the process is hassle-free, making these apps immensely popular among customers. Let us see the tip of most apps loved by the customers, which are best for personal loans.

A. Fullerton Instaloan App

Fullerton India instant loan app offers instant loans across India up to Rs 25 lakhs to salaried borrowers. The app offers competitive interest rates in personal loans starting from 11.99% based on the borrower profile and other criteria. The app offers a flexible tenure between 12 to 60 months for salaried borrowers.

 The user-friendly interface is designed with customer experience in mind, so the loan process is straightforward to follow. The app guides the customer throughout the process, making it easier to apply with minimal help. The documentation and KYC process is paperless, and usually, it takes a 4-step procedure to apply for an instant loan through this instant loan app. It is easily available on the Google play store, install Fullerton App follow the process and apply for the loan.

The app has features like:

  • Instant personal loan without collateral
  • Dynamic status tracking of loan
  • Quick disbursal of the amount within 30 min of loan approval
  • Interest rates starting from 11.99%

B. Dhani App

Dhani app is a one-stop solution provider for all types of personal loans. The app Backed by India bulls offers personal loans from INR 500 to 15 lakhs. The app lets you manage and track your loan account and is the best for emergencies. The app offers an interest rate starting at 12%. 

C. Payments App

Payments is an online loan app that offers personal loans through a simple application process. The platform offers personal loans for borrowers with low CIBIL scores too. This is an advantage to borrowers looking for emergency funds and unable to get personal loans due to poor credit history. The loan offered by the lender ranges from 5000 to 5 lakhs. 

D. Kredit Bee App

Credible offers loans from a minimum amount as low as 1000 to an upper limit of 2 lakhs, the app offers instant personal loans at the tap of a button, the app offers loans to borrowers whose salary is minim 15000 per month.  The loan offered by the lender ranges from 1000 to 1 lakh. 

E. MoneyView App

Money view is another online loan app that offers 10000 to 5 lakhs and a flexible tenure of up to 60 months. The loan amount is processed within a day or two of sanctioning. The interest rate varies from 16% to 39% based on the borrower profile. The app offers minimal paperwork and easy tracking of loan details and credit scores through the app.

Loan apps have become the first choice of customers since they offer ease of use and relatively low interest rates. Check out thedifferent personal loan apps to conveniently process your loans and get them conveniently. Mostly loan apps allows you to apply for a personal loan in 5 simple steps.

Additionally, it offers instant personal loans up to a lump sum of 25 lakhs. Say goodbye to a longer waiting time and daunting documentation. Fullerton Instaloan app is the best solution for availing emergency funds through an instant personal loan in a jiffy. Experience the hassle-free loan application process with Fullerton personal loan app today.  


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