List of Top 5 Courses in Allied Health Science

List of Top 5 Courses in Allied Health Science

Medical professionals play a crucial role in the well-being of society as they perform diagnosis, treatment, and other related operations. However, when we talk about healthcare professionals, most people think about doctors. But, experts like radiologists, dietitians, opticians, etc, also play a crucial role by assisting them and working with them collaboratively.

Such professionals are known as allied health specialists. Allied health is a broad domain, that’s why there are a lot of allied health sciences programs that offer knowledge related to different profiles. The students can choose a course that suits their career preferences.
To provide you with more clarity on this, we have explained the top allied health Science courses below, in no particular order.
Let’s have a look.

5 Most Popular Allied Health Science Courses


B.Sc. Dietetics

Our diet and health are closely related. A dietitian is an expert that helps people recover from malnutrition by suggesting healthy dieting options. Besides, they support the patient’s body with the right food items when recovering from a disease.

To become a dietitian, you can consider completing the B.Sc. Dietetics program from a reputable college. After graduating, there are a lot of career opportunities in multiple fields. For example, you can get associated with a sportsperson as a personal dietician or join a healthcare facility. Thus, there are a lot of promising career opportunities for skilled and knowledgeable dieticians.

Industries in Which Dietitians Can Work:

  • – Clinics
  • – Hospitals
  • – Cafeterias
  • – Food Manufacturers


B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Science

Many times, the doctors are unable to know about the health problem by normal diagnosis. So, they write some tests the patients must undergo for more clarity over the respective health ailment. The professionals who analyze those biological specimens of the patients are known as medical laboratory scientists.

They work to get meaningful data from the patients’ samples so that the doctor can identify the exact health problems. Afterward, they can suggest the right medicines and treatments. To become a medical laboratory scientist, the students must complete Bsc in Medical Laboratory Science. Such professionals are highly demanded in the various industries mentioned below.

Industries Which Employ Medical Laboratory Scientists :

  • – Research
  • – Bioengineering Firms
  • – Hospitals
  • – Clinics
  • – Education and Training


B.Sc. Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Sonography is the process of generating images of internal organs & tissues and analyzing the blood flow in a particular body part. Sonographers are healthcare professionals that perform this process by properly handling the machines & equipment used in it and preparing computer-generated reports.

To start working on this profile, you need to complete a Bachelor of Science in Sonography program from an accredited institute. For instance, you can opt for admission to the B.Sc Diagnostic Medical Sonography course. After graduation, you can start practicing as a sonographer. If you develop good skills, you can get a job in the following domains.

Industries in Which Sonographers Can Work :

  • – Education and Training
  • – Government & Private Health Institutions
  • – Research
  • – Own Business(Testing Centre)


B.Sc. Physician Assistant – Dental

Completing a B.SC Physician Assistant program in the dental therapy specialization will lead you to many rewarding career opportunities. You can start practicing under a dentist. The job duty involves managing multiple things, such as preparing patients for procedures, cleaning and disinfecting the tools & equipment, assisting the surgeon, and more.

As dental assistants are always high in demand, completing a dental therapy course will make you capable of multiple job profiles. Besides, you will learn a lot by working with a professional dentist or surgeon. Here are the top industries where you can get employed as a physician assistant.

Industries That Employ Dental Assistants :

  • – Dental Clinics
  • – Hospitals
  • – Self Employment (Healthcare Business)
  • – Research Institutions


B.Sc Ophthalmic Dispensing

Due to the high usage of digital devices such as mobiles, laptops, and more, almost everyone is facing some kind of issue related to vision. An optician is a healthcare expert who works under specialists such as ophthalmologists. They prepare vision-correcting eyewear for the patients according to the prescription given by the specialist doctor.

The key duties of an optician are to provide the right pair of spectacles and contact lenses to the patients and help them with their vision-related problems. It is a versatile job profile and different from another bachelor of health science programs. Because, after graduating with a B.Sc. Ophthalmic Dispensing program, you can also get employed at a sales and marketing profile.

Industries Where Opticians Can Work:

  • – Government Hospitals
  • – Private Clinics
  • – Eyewear Companies ( Marketing)
  • – Academic Institutions



The above are the top allied health Science courses that lead students to rewarding career opportunities. If you are looking to join one of the allied health courses, you should first reflect on your strengths and which responsibilities you want to perform in a job. After figuring that out and choosing a suitable course, you should look for a reputable college to pursue the respective programs. This way, you can kickstart your career in the allied health domain.




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