Luxury Home Design Ideas Trending Today

Every year, architectural and lifestyle magazines and websites come up with a list of what’s trending and what’s not in home design. While these preferences have to suit your tastes, there is nothing wrong with considering them.

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Luxury homes are all about added comfort without sacrificing the chic factor. On this page, you will find the top home design trends around the world. When you speak to your luxury custom home builders, ask them if you can incorporate the following:

Balance of Elements
Families typically don’t want anything too precious – they like their homes to be liveable. Your home is where you decompress, relax, and re-energize. So, it shouldn’t feel like a museum or far-fetched from your reality.

Hence, finding a balance between personalized interiors and things with lasting qualities is crucial. For instance, you may like bold motifs, accents, or colours like brass, gold, or satin bronze for faucets, furnishings, and lighting. But ensure that they provide a seamless transitory influence on the rest of the decor.

Outdoor-indoor synergy can be established with seamless transitional paths to the surrounding landscape, such as using the same flooring for both areas. Even for small-sized lots, homeowners are keen on incorporating transformative outdoor living.

Vintage Looks
Modern luxury homes take design cues from vintage decor and architecture. These elements ooze elegance and sophistication. For instance, instead of the straight-edged and monochromatic interiors, vintage styles lean towards curved shapes and textures with vibrant colours.

Particularly in the kitchen and bathrooms, grandeur is making a comeback. Dedicated dining areas, walk-in pantries, large French windows, freestanding bathtubs, etc., evoke authenticity and reflect your personality. The kitchen has long been a social hub, and people like to create clearly outlined spaces with multiple activity centers.

Home Automation
Integrating technology and intelligent systems keep the home knitted together and improve overall security. Voice-activated commands and motion-sensitive devices connected to your smartphones ensure increased convenience and peace of mind.

You can upscale your property with smart options like:

• Motorized window and door blinds
• Programmable thermostats
• Voice-activated intelligent lighting systems
• Multi-room audio-visual controls
• Sustainable and green equipment

AI and predictive behaviours can trigger a chain of actions with a touch of a button or voice commands. The most significant benefit of intelligent systems is upgrading your home by connecting them to your existing technology.

Contemporary Architecture
You cannot talk about modern without considering the latest styles in architecture. Minimalism has dominated the industry for a while now, and it continues to hold ground. Contemporary aesthetics include hard edges, a mixture of materials and textures, white linear forms, and muted colours.

Abstract designs using a single element with unique juxtapositions are becoming standard now. The use of industrial components in the overall layout, especially in the kitchen area, has gained prominence. Brick, stone, black metal, glass, and various lighting options can create a modern and futuristic look.

Ultimately, the focus is more on freshness and functionality, which can be seen in double islands, guest bathrooms, bi-fold doors, hidden wall cabinets, multiple pantries, and more. If any of the above suits your tastes, it is time to discuss your vision with your luxury custom home builders.


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