Made To Measure Roman Blinds Dubai

Made To Measure Roman Blinds Dubai

The most common reason for using window blinds is to control the light entering a room and to keep it cool. Roman blinds are a great option for this.
These are simple to operate and have a clean look when closed. They can also be made with blackout lining to ensure you’re getting the perfect amount of light control.


Made To Measure Roman Blinds Dubai are available in a wide range of fabrics, colours and patterns to suit virtually any style of home. They can be a simple and easy way to add a touch of glamour to your windows.
They are also a great choice for adding privacy and blocking out the sun, allowing you to control the amount of light entering your home. They are easy to operate and can be adapted to the season or time of day.
When ordering a made to measure window treatment, it is important to follow the correct measurement procedure. The wrong measurements could cause problems with the finished product.
Start by measuring the width of your window from one edge to the other, including any trim that you have around the outside of the window. To provide the maximum light gap coverage, you should also add two to three inches on each side of your window.
You should then measure the length of the header rail from front to back, taking into consideration any additions that you might need to make to clear any handles and catches. If you need to fix the blind forward to clear these, then take a further 10mm (1/2”) and add this to the width measurement of the header rail for a total length to be taken of the front of the Roman blind.
Once you have the width and length of your window, you can then begin to choose the fabric that you would like for your made to measure window treatment. Choosing the right fabric is vital to making your made to measure window treatment look as stylish as possible.
Some fabrics are not suitable for custom made window treatments because they cannot be raised or folded as easily as others. This includes some heavy weight fabrics, such as velvet, crushed velvet and chenille.
Other fabrics that are not suitable include PVC, vinyl and oil cloth. These types of fabric are too thick to be raised easily and they are prone to ripping or tearing.
If you have any concerns about the type of fabric that is suitable for your window treatment, you can speak to a member of our team. They will be happy to offer advice and help you choose the perfect fabric for your custom made window treatment.


Roman blinds are popular window treatments for the home. These drapes can be made of a variety of fabrics and colors. This makes them a good choice for any type of decor.
They can also be customized to suit your personal style. Many people choose to coordinate their drapes with the walls of their homes or other furniture. This is called tone-on-tone color coordination. This is an elegant and stylish way to decorate your home.
Another reason people choose to use Roman blinds is because they are simple and practical. They can be easily cleaned and can also be adjusted to match the height of your windows.
These blinds are ideal for any space and can be used to block out sunlight or light while adding a soft touch to your home. They also help to keep your room cool or warm depending on the season.
You can also choose to add blackout linings to your blinds if you want to control the amount of light that comes into your rooms. These liners also reduce glare and UV damage from the sun’s rays.
To ensure that your curtains, roman blinds or roller blinds fit correctly you should measure the width and the length of the window recess. You can do this using a measuring tape or metal tape.
Once you have measured your window, you can then select the fabric and hardware for your made to measure window treatments. The team at Dubai Blinds will be able to advise you on the best materials and options for your specific needs.
If you prefer, you can also choose to customise the shade of your Roman blinds in Dubai. You can choose from a range of different styles, including sheer, block-out, and blackout. You can even add a decorative tassel to your window treatment.
In addition, you can choose from a variety of different fabric colors and textures to create the perfect look for your home. This means that you can be sure that your new window treatments will be a great fit for your home.


Choosing the right fabric for your Made To Measure Roman Blinds Dubai is one of the most important aspects of getting a perfect fit. You want to choose a fabric that will complement your window’s size and shape as well as your home decor.
There are many different types of fabrics to choose from, including silk, linen, cotton, and synthetics. There are also a variety of colors and patterns available. The color and pattern you choose will have a huge impact on the overall style of your room.
The fabric you choose should be comfortable and easy to clean. It should also be durable enough to withstand regular use. You can also find a wide variety of fabrics that are breathable.
If you’re looking for a lightweight fabric for your Roman Blinds Dubai, you might want to consider linen or cotton. These fabrics are soft and lightweight and they’re also easy to clean.
These fabrics will also help to keep the room cool in summer and warm in winter. They will also block out sunlight to prevent UV damage to your furniture.
You can also choose fabrics with patterned or striped designs that will add texture to your room. These patterns are great for incorporating both traditional and modern design styles.
For a more contemporary look, you can opt for an abstract pattern. These can come in a range of shapes, such as ellipses, triangles, rectangles, polygons, and lines.
Choosing a patterned fabric for your Made To Measure Roman Blinds will give you more flexibility to design your window. You can also choose a fabric that will coordinate with your existing window treatments, giving you a seamless look in your room.
If you’re not sure what type of fabric to choose, you can always ask your local blinds specialist. They’ll be able to recommend a fabric that will match your needs perfectly.
When you’re ready to start your selection process, take measurements of the windows you’d like to cover. You should measure across the width of your window recess and down the sides. This will allow you to order the correct width and length of fabric for your window.


Made To Measure Roman Blinds Dubai are a compact alternative to curtains, offering light control, privacy and optimum functionality. They also offer a sophisticated look and can be fitted into all window sizes.
They are available in a range of fabric and lining options to suit every decorating theme. The fabrics for these blinds are chosen to complement the style of your home, creating a flawless finish.
A wide range of styles are available to choose from, from plain fabrics to charming patterns and colours. You can even opt for checked fabric if you want to create a special touch of elegance.
For the best results, take your measurements carefully. This will help you to purchase the right amount of material and hardware for your window. It is advisable to use a steel tape measure for this purpose, as cloth tape measures can stretch and give inaccurate measurements.
Once you have your measurements, it is time to decide on the decorative fabric and lining. These can be purchased online or in your local fabric store.
Choosing the right fabric is key to achieving the desired effect, as different fabrics block or filter sunlight differently. For example, a heavier fabric will effectively block out the sun while a lighter one will only filter it.
The lining should also be selected carefully. The lining is what will keep the fabric in place, so it is essential to choose a good quality one.
There are many different types of linings, including blackout linings for those looking to block out sunlight and heat. Sheer linings allow some daylight to enter the room, while block-out linings are ideal for blocking out all light and giving the appearance of a darkened room.
You should also consider the shape of your windows when selecting the lining for your window. This will affect the finished product and will make a difference to the colour, pattern or design.
If you have boxed bay windows, you will need to calculate how much the lining needs to extend out beyond the front edge of the window frame. You should subtract the length of the lining from the outside recess measurement to determine the final amount required.


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