Mobile App That Increases Employee Retention and Productivity

Mobile App That Increases Employee Retention and Productivity

In the time of great resignation, employee retention has become a major issue. While job hopping culture is growing, companies are struggling to keep the talent without huge turnover rates that certainly don’t look good for the reputation. Therefore, finding an adequate solution is necessary to combat that crisis.

Many people have always thought that technology in business strategies causes employees to be unproductive. While certain content can be distracting, mobile apps actually increase employee retention and productivity. How is that possible?

1. Boost collaboration

Since most employees work remotely, collaboration no longer unfolds in person. This creates obstacles for many employees that are willing to quit jobs and lose interest in tasks unless companies do something. So, with a mobile app, you can boost your employees’ collaboration with just a couple of clicks!

Forget about long, boring emails and indulge in the virtual world of file sharing through your phone. Data you and your employees need will be fingerprints away. On top of that, you’ll be able to access colleagues no matter where they are.

2. Collecting employee feedback

Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time the day on our phones. Endless scrolling can be turned into productivity if you decide to collect employee feedback! Use the mobile app to create engaging surveys your employees will actually want to answer. But make the feedback you get matter!

Employees whose voices and opinions are heard tend to stay longer with the company and generally be more productive. By analyzing their feedback data you’ll gain insight into things that bother them in the workplace or job. That way, you’ll be able to react in time and prevent your talent from fluctuating. 

3. Keeps employees informed

Engagement software that can be installed on mobile phones is the perfect solution for international companies and those operating remotely. Since not every employee can be in the center of activity and happening, keeping them informed is crucial to maintain satisfaction levels and inclusion. 

You can use the app to customize the content your employees receive. Keep the information you send clear, informative, and relevant for your employees. Finding an app that has all of those features can be tricky, but you can find out more here about the benefits of getting an employee app for your business. 

4. Interactive learning 

To maintain your employees and keep them productive, continuous learning is vital. Did you know that over 60% of employees value learning opportunities more than some other benefits companies offer? These numbers speak for themselves, so introduce a mobile app that will encourage interactive learning for your employees.

Use the mobile app to promote engaging training and courses your company offers. Even though not all of those activities will be alluring and interesting to all, you can be sure that employees who take them up remain more engaged. 

5. Improve onboarding 

Believe it or not, poor onboarding is the reason why employees don’t fit in well, which results in resignation. If you want to retain your employees and maintain their productivity levels, you need to implement an onboarding program that will properly introduce them to the team, culture, goals, and values of your business.

A mobile app can help you greatly. It’s must-have tech equipment that will lead the newcomers through the entire process of your business instead of giving inline or home tuitions. A mobile app that is easy to use will help newly employed find their way through the company, discover all the information they need, and get in touch with their colleagues.

Wrapping up

As you can see, introducing a mobile app that promotes engagement will certainly positively affect the retention and productivity of your employees. It’s an all-in-one solution that creates a safe space for employees providing them with everything they need in one place.


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