Top 5 Most Popular Cartoon All The Time

Top 5 Most Popular Cartoon All The Time

Cartoons are one of the best parts of our childhood. It can impact our lives in a positive way. We can learn lots of things in our childhood from watching cartoons. This is the best part of animation, it can make a person more creative. We grow up in the right way. It gives us positive energy. One of the best parts is that children can learn new languages easily because there are so many cartoons available in different languages. Parents also prefer to watch cartoons with their kids. Nowadays videoes always affect us mainly through cartoons. As we interested and love to watch cartoon. Also, if any cartoon is related to educational or knowledgeable then we can learn from it.

In a creative culture, cartoons hold a special place. Here are the top 5 cartoons which can always stay in our hearts.

1)  Tom & Jerry:

Tom and Jerry is an American cartoon series created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera in 1940. This series is one of the most popular cartoon series. This is the story about a helpless cat(Tom) and a clever mouse(Jerry). The biggest lesson the cartoon taught us was to never give up. They both always fight. But Tom never wins. And after that, they both become best friends. Cartoon Network is the channel where this series comes from.

2)  Mickey Mouse:

When we talk about Disney the first thing that comes to our mind is Mickey Mouse. He’s been a  part of people’s childhood, and the demand for cartoons does not go down a bit. Mickey is a mouse character who is a sweet, easygoing, and free guy. And his girlfriend is Minnie. The cartoon character was popularized by his long-running short film series. Mickey mouse series available in www. disneyplus/begin.

3) Looney Tunes:

In the cartoon industry Looney Tunes is a very famous cartoon. Looney Tunes is a comedy short film by American animation produced by the Warner Brothers studios. The most famous looney tunes character is Bugs Bunny. 95% of Google users liked this tv show. Porky, Duffy, tweety birds are awesome and the oldest characters. Every audience is laughing when they watch this show. 1,041 shorts have been created.

4) Oswald:

Oswald is a safety-conscious character. He is a fun loving octopus who lived in an apartment with his dog. No one can forget the character of Oswald. He is always there for his friends. Oswald, Weenie, Daisy, and Madame Butterfly are the main characters of this series. This is also an American animated series. Which was first started in 2001. 95% of Google users liked this series. This cartoon comes from the pogo channel.

5) Scooby-Doo:

The main story of the Scooby-doo cartoon is to solve mysteries. These characters were created by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears in 1969. So many people grow up to watch this cartoon. So, the young detective solves mysterious things together. Scooby, daphne blake, Velma dinky are the main characters of this series.


Children are more sensitive than adults. So cartoon characters always make them happy. Cartoons do not show the same problems that exist in our world. We forget the problems we face in real life. It can give us a chance to forget our problems. Make us laugh. It does not bother or cause stress. It always makes children feel better when. This is the best part of entertainment and anyone can watch it. The main motive of the cartoon is to make people. It also brings the family together. Also watching cartoons we can feel happy and cartoons also entertain us always. And most importantly educate us, different languages of cartoons help children to learn new languages.


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