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Traveling can be difficult or prohibited, Pakistan tour packages for now. But that doesn’t stop us from making plans for the future. We hope articles like this help you plan your next experience when possible.

These are difficult times for travelers. But with the world gearing up to reopen in 2021, we’re here to keep you dreaming and planning your next adventure, whether it’s domestic vacations or flights to unknown locations. Until then, we give you the  latest travel tips and COVID-19 updates  to keep you up to date with all the news. And we also give you inspiration with these destinations to practice nature tourism and get away from it all.

After this difficult season, we all need to enjoy what we like the most: traveling. Also, who has not dreamed during this time of breathing fresh air, Hunza Valley Tour Packages connecting more with nature and getting lost in remote places where there are no worries? If you identify with all this, you have come to the right place because here you will find a selection of the best nature tourism. We will visit virgin places, away from mass tourism, we will walk through impenetrable jungles, we will practice wild camping and we will greet some of the most incredible animals on our planet in a respectful way.

Read on and discover the best trips to nature .

1. Nature tourism in Namibia at your own pace

Despite its nascent tourism, Namibia is one of the most pristine nature tourism destinations you can visit right now. If what you need is to nourish your pupils with landscapes that make you cry with emotion , the coral-colored dunes of the Namib Desert or the endless roads of the Skeleton Coast will be your cure. Etosha National Park is also one of the best natural parks in Africa and the best for a safari in Namibia . The “great white place” is home to big cats that chase gazelles and antelopes, herds of elephants that walk in rhythm through a lunar landscape, and more than 340 species of birds that perch in the forests of Mopane .

The best of all? You can do this nature getaway on your own and feel the freedom of traveling at your own pace again. This is one of the safest and most comfortable countries to travel on your own in Africa, so planning an adventure of this caliber will cost you no more than a couple of clicks. Book a flight to Windhoek , pick up your rental car or van and start a magical route in which the star activities will be free safaris and camping in natural parks.

And, although Namibia is one of the best destinations for traveling by campervan or motorhome , if you need more comforts, you will find them in the form of accommodation as special as the Shipwreck Lodge . Here you can sleep in some wooden cabins made with ship hulls from the Skeleton Coast. Awarded with the ‘Green Eco Flower’ award, it is one of the examples of sustainable tourism in the country.

The best time to enjoy your nature vacation in Namibia coincides with the dry season. This runs from April to November and guarantees you greater ease when it comes to spotting animals, since mammals concentrate in the ponds of the parks in search of water. Are you clear on it? Book your flight to Namibia now and don’t forget to pack everything you need for a safari .

2. Go through the jungle of Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

By now you are sure that Costa Rica is the country of Pura Vida . This means that natural escapes are guaranteed. This small corner of Central America is home to almost 5% of the world’s biodiversity and 25% of its geography is protected by the National System of Conservation Areas. Hiking through the Arenal volcano, gliding through the treetops of Monteverde, greeting the sloths in Cahuita or diving with schools of hammerhead sharks on Isla del Coco are good examples of the activities you can do on this great trip of nature .

However, we must also consider that Costa Rica has been and is, by a landslide, the most visited country in Central America . Therefore, if you are looking for places of wild nature away from the usual tourist routes, Corcovado National Park has to be your option. Defined by National Geographic as ‘the most intense place in the world biologically speaking’, it will be extremely difficult for you to leave here feeling that you have not connected with nature more than ever. And, although its wonders are an open secret, the reasons why it is not as visited as other national parks in Costa Rica are that access is more or less complicated and that visits are regulated.. That is to say, it is necessary to request a permit in advance.

How to get to Corcovado and the best time to enjoy this trip to nature

The park is located on the Osa Peninsula, southwest of Costa Rica, along the Pacific. The two most important starting points to get to know them are Drake Bay and Puerto Jiménez , which you can reach by plane from San José or in your own rental car . Once there, choose to go on a day trip or, even better, stay the night in one of the Corcovado campsites. The most popular is the Sirena Station , where the sounds of the hundreds of species that surround you will be your lullaby and one of the best nature travel experiences.

In all cases it is mandatory to be accompanied by a guide, which again shows Costa Rica’s commitment to ecotourism . In this way, the trails and, of course, flora and fauna are protected. While the weather is humid and rainy throughout the year, the best time to tour the park is from mid-December to mid-April, the dry season.

3. Explore the forests of Hokkaido in search of the Japanese red fox, Japan

When we think of Japan, images of crowded pedestrian crossings come to mind, huge cities in which we receive thousands of stimuli at the same time. However, the territory of the archipelago is so large that it has something for every type of traveler. One of the best examples is the island of Hokkaido. Grouping approximately 20% of the country’s extension, in it we can only find 5% of the Japanese population, making it one of the most virgin corners of this area of ​​the world . Hokkaido also goes unnoticed by most of those who visit Japan and, therefore, is a perfect corner for those looking for nature tourism .

And, although you could spend several days walking through the streets of big cities like Sapporo (the capital) or Hakodate, for this nature trip it is best to focus on its natural parks. This Japanese prefecture boasts 6 of the 31 national parks in Japan, among which the Daisetsuzan National Park stands out . In it you will find pictures reigned by volcanoes, long hiking trails and traditional onsen in which to take a dip after the walk. With luck, you will be able to see the beautiful Ussuri brown bear and the Kitakitsune , a subspecies of the Japanese red fox, which is usually larger and which adds color to the snowy forests of Hokkaido.

Spring looks spectacular in Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park, when its grasslands are stained with the color of thousands of flowers. On the other hand, the lake in Akan Park is considered the most beautiful in Japan and that of Kushiro-shitsugen is perfect for bird lovers because in it you can see the iconic Japanese cranes.

When and how to visit Hokkaido

Being nature tourism, something to take into account when planning it is the season. The truth is that there is no bad time to visit Hokkaido because each one has something special. In winter you will find breathtaking landscapes where the white blanket of snow is the protagonist and, in addition to skiing, you can visit the Sapporo Snow Festival in February. However, the most comfortable and most colorful times are spring and fall . As in all of Japan, cherry trees and maples, respectively, put the magic on.

The best way to get around Hokkaido is by renting a car in Sapporo , which will allow you to reach the most remote corners. Although public transport works well in Japan, they are not as frequent as in other regions and you will waste precious time at bus stops. The island has several airports , the most important being Chitose (Sapporo). Depending on the area you are going to visit, you may be interested in flying to one or the other, but if you have time, fly to Sapporo and enjoy the city for at least one day. If you need inspiration to design your adventure, take a look at this route through Japan and start dreaming about it.


4. Nature tourism to swim with the humpback whales in the wild in Tonga

It is necessary to cross the world to reach Tonga, but it will have been worth it. In this Polynesian kingdom made up of 177 islands you can do one of the most impressive activities as nature lovers: swimming with humpback whales in their habitat and, most importantly, in a respectful way .

From June to October , these huge and docile animals flee the Antarctic winter and arrive in Tonga looking for warmer waters in which to give birth or to look for a male to start their reproductive process again. You can be the guest of honor in its waters, swim by its side and enjoy a natural spectacle like few others. For this, the Vavae’s archipelago is the best known and the one with the largest number of operators with a government license. It was here a couple of decades ago that a New Zealander couple started their activity. However, our proposal is that you fly to the small airport of ‘Euan .

That of ‘Euan is the greenest and rockiest of the archipelago and also one of the least touristy. It is, therefore, that the experience is, in addition to being cheaper, more intimate and responsible. The few companies that organize sighting excursions are owned by local families who have been conserving their natural wealth for years. Even so, it is essential that you make sure that they follow appropriate behavior by asking other travelers or looking for opinions on social networks. When it comes to animals, you always have to inform yourself to practice responsible nature tourism .

And, since you are here, you have no choice but to visit other corners of the ‘Friendly Islands’ , as Captain Cook baptized them. Spend a couple of days exploring the capital, Nuku’alofa, enjoy the beaches of the Hualapai group of islands and, although it sounds a bit strange, don’t forget to go to mass on a Sunday, it will give you a very interesting cultural experience.

5. Choose one of the Great Trails of New Zealand

Time to move your legs. How about if you book a trip to nature and wild camping in New Zealand? The country of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ is known for having some of the most incredible landscapes in the world and you will not be short of opportunities to enjoy them both on the North and South Island. In both you will find a multitude of ‘tracks’ or trails of all difficulties, but, if you are an experienced hiker, you cannot miss the opportunity to do one of the ‘ Great Walks’ .

Established by the New Zealand Ministry of Conservation (DOC), these 11 routes are considered to run through the most scenic spots in the country . The distance of each of them ranges between 32 and 82 kilometers, so it takes several days to complete them, usually between 3 and 6 days. And, although most of them are covered on foot, kayakers will love knowing that the ‘Whanganui Journey’ will give them a demanding journey paddling down the Whanganui River for 3 to 5 days.

The two most popular trails are the ‘Milford Track’ and the ‘Tongariro Northern Circuit’ . The first one runs through the Fiordland National Park, on the South Island. For 3 days you will pass through humid forests, wetlands and an alpine pass until you reach the famous Milford Sound fjord. The second ensures you contemplate some of the most impressive landscapes of the North Island, since its 50-kilometer path surrounds Mount Ngauruhoe, a very cinematic stratovolcano for being the ‘Mount of Destiny’ in Peter Jackson’s trilogy.

If you are thinking of doing a route through New Zealand by van or motorhome and you don’t want to spend so much time hiking, you don’t have to worry. You will find shorter routes that you will also enjoy on a nature vacation like these.


6. Chase Northern Lights in Sweden

Perhaps you have already visited Machu Picchu or cried with emotion in the Iguazú waterfalls, but you still lack a traveler’s dream to fulfill: contemplating the northern lights. You don’t need to let it go anymore because you can put a finishing touch to your 2021 by taking a nature getaway to Sweden .

The Abisko National Park is located in northern Sweden, 250 kilometers from the Arctic Circle and as well as being home to the Sami, is one of the 6 most affordable places to see auroras . The dance of green lights usually takes place above Lake Torneträsk, but it is also a good idea to reserve an evening to go up to the Aurora Sky Station . This is located at the top of Mount Nolja, which retains the clouds and, therefore, usually provides more favorable conditions to enjoy the auroras.

Can’t wait any longer? Keep in mind that the best time to see the Northern Lights in Sweden is from October to March . You can check the forecast for the next few days on pages like this one . To get there, you just have to book a flight to Kiruna and then go to the small town of Abisko by bus or in your own rental car . Without a doubt, a comfortable nature vacation, easy to plan and away from the crowds.


7. Astro Tourism and the Route of the Volcanoes in La Palma , Spain

You don’t have to go so far from home to find nature tourism , right? In Spain we have wonderful natural areas that will make you disconnect from everything and enjoy the vacations you deserve. In this selection of destinations for 2021 we wanted to propose an adventure to La Palma, the ‘beautiful island’. The reasons? Its peculiar atmospheric conditions and geography make it a special place to enjoy Pachamama both day and night.

On the one hand, you can walk along the 706-kilometer network of trails on this Canarian island. For all types of travelers, crossing lush vegetation, walking along coasts full of cliffs or, even, on sleeping volcanoes. If you feel energetic, you can include in this nature trip a few days traveling the Route of the Volcanoes . At 24.3 kilometers, it is one of the most demanding in the Canary Islands, but its landscapes that seem taken from another planet are more than worth the effort.

At night, the clean atmosphere of La Palma will allow you to look at the sky and feel tiny. Maybe you did not know it, but the island is the first Starlight Reserve in the world. In other words, it has obtained a tourist certification as an ideal destination to observe stars and planets thanks to its natural qualities and infrastructures. Practicing astro tourism in La Palma does not mean staying still looking through the telescope, but, in addition to staying in charming places enabled for this activity, you can visit the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, learn about astrophotography or visit one of the astronomical trails that Stars Island La Palma has designed.

If to all this you add the possibility of trying the delicious palm tree gastronomy such as grilled cheese with mojo from La Palma, sunbathing on its volcanic sand beaches or boat trips with dolphins and flying fish, nothing can go wrong . Book your flight to La Palma now , get a rental car and plan an adventure that you will not forget.

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