A Complete Guide To Set Up Your Offshore Development Center in India

A Complete Guide To Set Up Your Offshore Development Center in India

Offshore Software Development India today has become a trend. Earlier it was considered as one of the ways to save the costs and time but with time it has emerged as an economic as well as business-nourishing option. When SMEs and startups started using Offshore Development in regular practice, they realized that it not just saved their costs but also gave them time to focus on the core part of their business and overall increased productivity.

Offshore Software Development Company India basically refers to the process where a dedicated team handles the software development process while they are situated in a remote location. And that dedicated place is called the center for offshore software development. Now let’s look into in detail what exactly ODC means and how it executes the work.


Offshore Development Center (ODC) refers to an extended and dedicated team supporting the parent company in the software development process and located in a remote country. This team includes different kinds of specialists like project managers, testers, copywriters, designers, UI/UX specialists. It is basically a customized center for software engineering which takes care of the development schedules and working culture of the client. This gives time to the parent company to focus on their core competencies. Also, it looks after the processes like project management, testing and migration, and other technical support which enable the organization to put in their efforts in the main work areas.

There are various benefits which a company experience through Offshore Development Center, these are listed as below:

1- Cost Effective

When a company hands over their project to the offshore company then they save a lot of costs which includes specific recruitment, infrastructure and technology, supervision, compensation etc. So, this is one major benefit of having an Outsourcing Development Company.

2- Time Saving Hiring

When you are not into recruiting the specialists, negotiating their salary, dealing with the hiring issues like candidates’ dropout, long notice periods etc. This saves a lot of time. The offshore developers already have that team established with them and any related issues to be handled by them only. So, when the parent company saves the time here, they can invest it in enhancing their core functions.

3- Turnaround Time is Quite Fast

The outsourced company is completely responsible for delivering the project on time and as they are already very professional in working, so their motto is the on-time completion of the project and provide with the solution which exceeds the expectations of the client.

4- Stay Updated with the Technology

The Offshore developers are bound to be updated with the latest technology as they deal with a number of clients and can ask for any kind of service which might require the knowledge of the latest technology and ensures them to provide the most effective solution. They quickly augment their team and with the upgraded technology, they provide the customized and updated solutions to the client.

5- Security

Office may have several teams working on different projects at a time. In such a case passing on the project to Offshore is a good option to keep the confidentiality of the project.

6- Delivers Real Solutions

As the offshore company is fully dedicated to finishing the allotted project in the best possible way, they work seriously and put in all their efforts and time to enlighten the customers with their real solutions. They look forward to having long term relationships with their clients and dedicate themselves completely to solve their issues. Even they provide the best post-project assistance.

7- Scalable Resources

There are different kinds of projects a company comes across and the company needs the resources as per the nature of the project. So, offshore there is a benefit of adding or shrinking the size of the team as per the requirement of the project. Also, the given person can switch roles as per the requirement. This flexibility of being scalable is one of the best advantages of having ODC.


Everyone seeks for a quality service and when there are so many service providers then it gets difficult to determine which service provider is the best one in their field. So, there should always be a checklist to follow to ensure that the Offshore Development Centre chosen is the best among others:

1- Focus on the Skills and Knowledge

When the company is hiring a dedicated team of developers for any project then the utmost priority should be given to skills and knowledge of the team members as that would finally help them to work on the given project. This can be judged by analyzing the projects on which they worked in the past and if the selection is for some technical role, then a short interview will help to understand the methodology and the work culture they follow.

2- Check for the Profitable Deal

A deal can be said to be profitable if they provide tremendous advantage to the company. So, one must evaluate how the company would gain advantage in what terms and how it will be profitable for them. More is the advantage that a company would get, more will be the chance of being qualified for the selection.

3- Select the one with Quality Standards

A good offshore development company possesses the quality of trustworthiness and consistent performance. So, if one wants to go for the best one, then select the one which has got more accreditations and worthy certifications. These ensure that the company has qualified and matched the standard parameters.

4- Reliable Team for Quality Assurance

Now the quality can be measured for two factors, process, and people. The apt quality assurance team takes good care of the project in all the terms like proper documentation, outlining the processes perfectly, keeping check of the quality standards and overall helping to get the best results.

5- Transparency and Clarity in Communication

Now, the offshore team is of course located in the remote area which is far away from the office. It is even possible that they fall in a different time zone. Thus, it is very important to have clarity on communication as it is the only medium to exchange the information with each other. A proper and defined communication channel helps to complete the project with utmost efficiency and also ensures that all the related operations are being managed well despite time differences among the regions.

6- Guaranteed Delivery

The whole purpose of setting up the Offshore development Center is to ensure that the projects are being delivered to the clients on time. For this, even if they need additional support or assistance for issues like fixation of bugs, then it should be made available to them then and there.

So, even if you hire the offshore developers but they ensure the result on time then it is worth investing upon them and also it saves a lot of effort.

7- Clear Payment Model

So, as mentioned above, there are a number of offshore companies available in the market, but one needs to choose the one who is reliable and can be trusted for the work and credibility. Having a clarity of payment terms will also keep clear terms and conditions between the involved parties. Proper background check is mandatory to keep yourself safe from any unexpected incidence. Hence the clarity should be made with the party on certain points which includes:

  1. Payment Schedule
  2. The proposed pricing models
  3. Payment terms
  4. Taxation policy
  5. Breakthrough measurement
  6. Accountability of the given time


There are certain basic steps to be followed for setting up the ODC and these are:

1- Looking for the Right Vendor for the ODC

It is very important to enquire about the current and the past work of the vendors as it gives an idea about their work, ethics, knowledge, experience etc. This defines the work of the vendor. One can also check the experience with their customers to have genuine feedback which will help them to decide upon the selection of an apt vendor.

2- Set the Organizational Structure with the New Team

It means the proper structure should be defined within the organization to understand where in-house teams are placed along with the Offshore Software Development team.  And even the workload is divided accordingly as per their roles and responsibilities given to them.

3- Prepare Proper Job Description for the Vacancies

A well-defined JD will define the expectation one is having from that particular role, so along with the educational degree, the soft skills should also be evaluated.

4- Set up the Defined Security Measures

It means a proper process should be defined that all can access to the project, up to what extent and what are the decisions that the respective one is authorized to make.

5- Setting Up the Milestone Schedule

A proper schedule should be made on completion of every milestone of the project. Select the methodology to decide upon the deadlines. Set up a tool for tracking the project which will ensure efficiency.


The above points gives a proper clarity regarding the working of the Offshore Development Center (ODC). The advantage offered by ODC helps the company to establish a long term and trustable relation with their clients. So having ODC is actually a good start and provides the balance of price and quality. And India is considered to be one of the best locations for setting up ODC because of the price factors and skills available. So, one can definitely achieve success by an aptly managed ODC.

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