Power Tools That Every Household Must Have

Nobody wants their home to be in bad condition. But what happens when suddenly the doorknob breaks or our kitchen sink start to leak. Not only this, but many other mishaps can happen.

No doubt you can call a plumber or carpenter to handle this problem, but it can cost you high. So it is better to have the know-how to repair these minor faults.

And with the know-how on how to repair, you should also have the required power tools always in the house. You can buy them from ManoMano easily and can save money by using ManoMano voucher code.

These tools will help in repairing your broken stuff as well as completing your DIY project.

There is a list of some practical power tools that every household must-have. 

The electric drill

The electric drill is the most useful tool in the homeowner’s storeroom. No doubt it is the first thing on the list of most essential power tools. It does not only works to screw, unscrew, or make holes. It also operated as a wire brush, sander, and paint mixer. There are two types of the driller. One operates with a battery, and the other has a plug-in model. If you have to work for a long time, then the plug-in model is best for you as battery-operated drills cannot be used for a long time. If you have extra batteries, then battery operated drill is convenient. Look for batteries of 5 amps or more for house use.

The circular saw

The circular saw can rip through boards, plywood, and other material similar to them. Again same as electric drill, you have a choice between corded and battery operated circular saw. And again, it is a suggestion to choose the corded circular saw. There is also a variety of blade sizes for home use the 7-1/4” blade size is fine. The power cord should be six feet long, and it also has a spindle lock to hold the blade stationary so you can easily change it. There should be a safety interlock and long-lasting carbide-tipped blades too.


You can’t cut and create ornate shapes in wood with a circular saw; for this, you require a jigsaw. However, the tool is also useful for crafting. It is light in weight, and you can easily control it. If you have to do a lot of work on hardwood, then battery operated jigsaw is a perfect fit for your work; otherwise, opt for a corded one. Try to get the one with between variable speeds of 500-3000 strokes per minute. Make sure it has an adjustable foot that will help with the angular cut.

The variable speed rotatory tool

Variable speed rotatory tools can sand iron filigree, polish jewelry, cut off a nail head flush with the surface, and do many other tasks. It is good for the ones who constantly do DIY projects and crafters. It is a very versatile power tool. It can carve, grind, route, drill, polish and clean. It is light weighted. Don’t forget to get the one with a long power cord, a variable speed motor, and replaceable motor brushes.


The sander is the primary tool to plan and make the surface of the furniture or metal smooth before painting. Hand sanding can take more time, and there is a chance that the work is undone. So better is to use the electric sander. It is economical and gets the job done faster and better. There are different types of sanders such as belt, drum, finishing, and detail. But if you still go for hand sander, it comes in different grip styles like palm, pistol, and right angle. The easiest one is the palm grip.


So these are some of the tools that every household must-have. It will help you to repair your furniture, door, sinks, and other household damages with ease.

Now you don’t have to wait for the carpenter or plumber to arrive. You can easily do a quick fix if you have these tools in your hands. Besides this, you can also experiment with something crafty and do a DIY project and enhance the facility in your house.


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