Prebiotics for Dogs: What They Are and Why Your Pooch Needs Them

As humans, we know there are a plethora of benefits to taking supplements. They can provide us with the materials we need to live our lives more healthily and efficiently. In some cases, we may not get these vitamins, minerals, and other such materials from any other source sufficiently enough.

One example of this is probiotics. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria and yeasts that can promote a healthy and optimal gastrointestinal tract by assisting your gut in digesting food, creating vitamins, keeping bad bacteria in check, and promoting the growth and stability of healthy bacteria.

This may be more common knowledge, as so many of us take probiotic supplements regularly or have done so in the past to improve our digestion and overall digestive tract, but what about our dogs? Dogs are able to take probiotics as well and it’s even encouraged for them to do so if they have issues in their digestive system.

But, have you heard about prebiotics? While it may be clear as to what the benefits are of probiotics, it might not be so clear what prebiotics can do for you or your dog. Let’s look at the benefits of prebiotics for dogs and where you can get them.

What are Prebiotics?
Prebiotics are supplements that also assist in promoting gut health, but are different from probiotics. Prebiotics act more like a healthy carb for your gut bacteria to munch on and, ultimately, flourish, while probiotics are good bacteria and live yeasts which live in the body.

Prebiotics are dietary or soluble fiber, which is key for digestion, fermentation, and consumption by probiotics in your gut.

Therefore, taking both probiotics (to add healthy bacteria to your gut) and prebiotics (food for probiotics in your gut to grow) together can provide ample benefits. This is true for not only humans but also for our precious pooches!

Benefits of Prebiotics for Dogs
Now that you are considering adding prebiotics to your dog’s diet, let’s gloss over what the benefits of doing so entail.

●Boost in mood and energy level

●Joint strength and stability

●Regularity in their bowel movements

●Management of bowel disorders and overall issues (gas, irritable bowel syndrome, and so much more)

●Increase in bone strength and growth (this is because prebiotics allow your pooch to absorb more calcium!)

●Improved nutrient absorption, as they improve pH levels and gut microbe population and composition

●Prevent leaps in blood sugar levels, as the digestion process has been slowed down

●Improve immune health for young pups

Where can you get the best prebiotics for your dog?
Since you are undoubtedly now looking vehemently for prebiotics for dogs, you should shop at the right place in order to get the best options for your pooch. That’s where Animal Essentials comes in.

They have a wide selection of health and natural supplements and other such products made specifically for optimal pet health. One of their finest products is their Healthy Gut tincture, which is a prebiotic blend that can be used with cats and dogs! Simply add it to your cat or dog’s food or water once a day! Give them a call at 888-551-0416 with any questions you may have!

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