Process to Install Webroot with the help of

Process to Install Webroot with the help of

Choosing an antivirus may not seem like an important decision until cyber-attacks happen on the computer. Fortunately, many computer owners make the right decisions at right time and thus protect the computer by using an Antivirus like An Antivirus simply prevents you from getting hacked and also makes it difficult for a hacker and other damaging programs to enter into your device.

Webroot is one such software, designed to protect the computer and prevent attacks. To use the software, you must first buy it, then download and install it, and finally activate it via For more details, you can call our support team at +1-888-832-1727.


The official website of Webroot provides an option to purchase the application online. If you don’t want to purchase online, there are many other options that you can go for. The software is available in all general computer-related stores. It is also available in those online stores. To purchase online, do so:

  • Open the official website of Webroot
  • Here are the following tabs available. Select according to your choice.
  • Home: To download the software for personal use
  • Business: To download the software for business use
  • Partners: To work in partnership with Webroot
  • Threat Intelligence: Here, you can check the website, if it is really safe
  • Company: Information about various elements of the company
  • Once you selected it, all the options will open up. Select the one you want. For your personal computer, you can choose one, from the three options
  • Antivirus – Provides all the benefits for PC/Mac
  • Internet Security Plus – Provides all the benefits for PC/Mac with protection for Mobile Phones.
  • Internet Security Complete – Same, but comes with additional benefits like Cloud Storage.
  • Choose the number of devices and the time and select ‘Add to Cart
  • Pay the amount by filling in the billing details and payment options section. Finally, press on the ‘Buy Now’ option to download webroot with


The Official Website mentioned above also is used to download the software via It can be used for as many downloads as you want, as per your purchase. If in case, the application gets deleted, you can re-download it, also by the same process.

download webroot with

  • If you have bought the software by the method given above, you will get a link sent to your mailbox.
  • Open the official website of Webroot
  • Add the following and select ‘Next’:
  • E-mail Id: Here, you will have to type your E-mail Address that is in working condition as you will receive all your emails regarding the software here.
  • Keycode: This is a code that you will get, after purchasing the software. If you have purchased from the above method, this will be available in your mailbox. Or else it will be on the backside of the cover that you got after purchasing the software. Type it.
  • The application that you purchase will load here. Select ‘Download Now.


Installing the application is a really quick process. You can do it easily do it by opening the downloaded application and following the instructions there given on The software will be available for use.

  • Open the downloaded application

You can directly open the application by going to the downloads section of your browser. The application will be within the top. Selecting it will open it. You can even open the application through the ‘Run as Administrator option.

  • Here, type the Keycode.
  • Press on ‘Agree and Install’
  • Select ‘Yes’


The Installation process will be almost similar to the window’s process. Some basic changes are there because of the system. This will be almost similar to any other applications that you might have installed on the device.

  • Open the downloaded application

Here, the process will be a little different as the downloads option will be available in the taskbar. Select it. You will find the application here. It will be on the top of the available applications there.

  • Select the Icon

When you open the file, it will show up a large icon of Webroot. Select it. Your device will ask you permission to open the application. Grant the permission by selecting ‘Open’

  • Add the information asked within the application
  • Language: Set up the language, you are comfortable in while following the instruction and changing settings. Select ‘Next’
  • Keycode: The first thing that the application will ask is keycode. Type it in the space provided there. Finally, Select the only option there i.e., ‘Agree and Install’
  • Id and Password: The Next thing asked is your Apple Id and Password. Don’t worry it will not go to the app. This is just your device asking the permission and thus confirming you as the owner. Select ‘Ok’, once you finish adding them.

This is how you do it. If a pop-up is showing up, go to the settings where they lead to an option where you will have to add an installer extension. Once you do this, the application will download the extensions necessary from the benefits players

How to reinstall the application?

Reinstall webroot is a similar process that has been mentioned above. You are actually downloading and installing the application with the help of the keycode. There is one main thing to do before reinstalling. It is deleting the application properly, even before downloading the application. You can do so with these techniques

Method no.1: Basic

Do the basic process by going to the ‘Programs and Features’ section within your Control Panel. Select the Application and press on uninstall button. Follow the given instruction there.

Method no.2: Removal Application

After the basic process, you will have to add up some applications in your device that would eradicate the software and its parts completely. These applications are free and are provided by the company itself to uninstall the application. Download them through the link and open the. Download these ones by one.

First link:

Second link

For Doubts, Problems and Issues, Contact Us: +1-888-832-1727

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