Windows 10 Sleeping Mode Not Working? What Are The Possible Reasons?

Windows 10 once again displays the logo of its new operating system, Windows 10. But instead of displaying the Windows 10 logo, you will find numerous blue or green dots strewn all over your screen in the form of an icon. These so-called Windows 10 icons are nothing but fake ones that are designed to scare you of malware infections and other such dangers lurking in your computer. In order to restore your PC to good health, let us discuss the issue of why your Windows 10 Sleeping mode not working.

Reasons For Windows 10 Sleeping Mode Not Working Issues 

You see, Windows 10 does not automatically switch off when the computer gets power switch off. The Computer would just enter into sleep mode and would not come out again until the computer is switched on again. So, in order to see your Computer working properly again, it is important that you let Windows update its data regarding its previous activities. This is where the Windows 10 Sleeping mode comes into play. But, if the computer gets stuck in its sleep mode and does not come out of it, then the chances are that there are some malicious programs running inside the computer which are stealing your important data from your hard drive.

You can easily detect whether your Windows 10 computer is entering into Windows sleep mode or not. For this, you should first make sure that the Windows Update has not yet been install. If it has been install, Windows 10 will immediately display the ‘Check for updates’ window. When you click on the button, you will be prompt with a list of all the Windows updates that you have install on your computer. If you do not have any of these, Windows will automatically pick up the message from the Windows Update and will try to download them for updating the Windows components. If Windows does not find any of the required updates, it will then enter into Windows sleep mode.

If Windows does not seem to be working properly, the very first thing that you should check is the Windows Task Manager. Open the Task Manager by pressing the keys Ctrl + Alt + Del and click on the Sleep/Wake icon. You should also click on the switch and click the option toggle full screen mode’. This will ensure that your computer will come out of Windows XP or Vista completely.

If you have also made sure that Windows Update has been install, but Windows Task Manager does not appear, then the first thing that you should do is uninstall and remove all the applications from your system. You should also try uninstalling programs that have been install using software such as Adobe Reader. You should also open Windows Task Manager and click on the top right area which says Running. Now click on the button named ‘processes’. You should see a list of processes that are running.

If none of the processes are running, the chances are high that Windows 10 won’t go to sleep mode. At this point you should uninstall any programs that are not responding properly. The registry might also need to be clean up, so you should run a registry cleaner program to clean it up. This step is especially important if you are experiencing some abnormal changes in the way your system works.

Another possible reason for this problem is a hardware problem. It is quite possible that the screen is simply not responsive or is just dim. If you are not getting enough power from your motherboard, it might be the problem. One way to solve this is by checking the fans and the heat sinks. If they are working properly; then you should not have to worry about any hardware issues.

Bottom Line

One thing that you can do is to download a program called Windows Fixer. This will automatically scan through your computer and find the problem. You can download a free version of it and scan for errors. If you find any problems, then you can download and run the repair utility. When you are done; you will not only be able to fix the error; but will also be able to restore the proper functionality to Windows.

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