Reasons You NEED a Velvet Sofa in Your Home

Reasons You NEED a Velvet Sofa in Your Home

The royal and luxurious feel a velvet sofa brings is unmatchable. Velvet as a  fabric is one of the softest and most durable fabrics out there. The myth that it doesn’t last long makes it underrated, as velvet, if maintained, can last decades. A velvet sofa fabric can be one of the main elements of your home. 

What exactly is velvet?

Velvet is luxurious and soft fabric, which if asked is characterized as short dense fabric which is piled in fibers of evenly cut with a smooth nap. It is a very popular fabric among fashion designers too as they are great for statement outfits and glamorous evenings similarly velvet is well known in the world of home decor. Velvet for its luxe and delicate appeal is used in many upholstered furniture, accessoires, and curtains. 

It is traditionally used to be made of silk, but now you can find them in many synthetic blends, or mixtures.

Though choosing a sofa fabric material can send you in thought for a while, as it comes expensive and the luxurious feel might even cost you bucks to maintain it. We have made a list of reasons why you should choose velvet sofa fabric as your upholstery sofa fabric. 

  • It feels great

If we talk about the biggest reason why we should buy a velvet sofa, it is surely about how it feels. No one can stop themselves from feeling the fabric with their hands, running their handover on the sofa is one of the most comforting feelings. This reason makes them very inviting to people. Velvet sofas give you a cozy feel which makes it feel homier to everyone. This fabric is versatile when we talk about colors. It makes it easier to pair it with the existing styles and interior of the home.  

  • It is a practical approach 

The biggest question when we talk about velvet sofas, are they practical? They surely look amazing but can they withstand the durability and everyday use? As the fabric gives a royal and luxurious look they are labeled as delicate and high maintained fabric. But that is not true. You can easily find synthetic velvet which are made of high quality polyester which makes them easier to maintain and even last longer. You’ll get the looks of velvet with the durability and pros of polyester. 

A velvet sofa can be cleaned easily. They are easier to maintain as well. To get the best cleaning make sure you clean them as soon as they get spoiled. As cleaning the velvet the moment it gets stained is easier than later. The things you can use to clean the velvet is a soft cloth and soapy water that goes in a circular motion. Plus you should let it air dry. 


  • You can use an absorbing cloth to soak the spill, so that they don’t penetrate into the other layers of the sofa. The drop of the liquid will stay for moments on the fabric before sleeping. 
  • A damp clean cloth of a warm water and few drops of washing liquid can do the work
  • Gently rub the area which is stained. Dab it first if it doesn’t work, opt to go for rubbing.
  • Don’t let your velvet furniture get too wet. It is advised to use a hair dryer on a cold setting to dry the velvet.  Stroke the velvet fabric so it doesn’t get dried in the wrong direction. 
  • It is durable 

If a fabric is practical it is bound to choose the  durable one. So the velvet fabric which has 100% polyester in it, which is 40,000 rubs makes sure it is not a delicate one. So you question if the velvet fabric is durable, so yes it is. Velvet fabric doesn’t have loose threads or buttons, or any raised weaves to get caught or struck anywhere. You’ll find many velvet polyester which are resistant to stains so the food or dust on it can be easily cleaned. 

  • It is naturally stylish 

If you are planning to get a makeover of your living room, and want to try something unique and out of your box choose a velvet sofa. Due to the qualities of velvet fabric, it brings luxury and royalness to the room. The color depth is much more in velvet fabric than any other fabric such as cotton or linen. Velvet has a weave which piles the fibers, they catch and reflect light making it look rich. 

As velvet fabric doesn’t absorb light, instead it reflects it. It makes perfect upholstery furniture against dark walls or small corners of the room. You can easily get velvet in many textures from sleek brass to matt black or shiny glass to chrome depending on what kind you want. 

  • It is amazingly comfortable

 We have already talked about how velvet is soft to touch. To make it more comfortable and comfy for you to use, you can easily pair the sofa with soft cushions and a supportive armrest along with a backrest. These all things are going to make your sofa the comfiest place to sit. 

Slouchy sofas can make your room look messier. So choose velvet sofas which have a medium size. This means get the seat of sofas to blend from foam and fiber and get back to their shape when no one is seated on it. 

Velvet got popular in the early 1970s and no one even knows who invented this luxurious textile. Modern technology knows well how to restore things from the past, and velvet is one of them. This material is manufactured by interlacing two yarns in a specific loom, which weaves it in two thickness materials at the same time. This is made of different fabrics like linen, cotton, wool, silk, and synthetic fibers.


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